A few clips from my 1st drag experience

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  1. Nice times! Breakin into the 13's seems close! :nice:
  2. Is it stock?
  3. From StangJunkie's cardomain:

  4. nice videos...but, damn you got me worried what my car will do.... with all those mods and only 14.1 @ 99.9....????

    i've never been to the track but i was hoping i'd do a bit better than that. i uderstand thats its the first time but hmmm...most GT's do that or better while stock....:scratch:
  5. dont worry if he can drive it better and have traction he will be doing a lot better than what was posted above....I have only whats listed in my cardomain and im still stuck in the low 14's with my limited traction...last time I went out and ran a 14.10 at 101:mad:
  6. Yeah, plus, people might be running low 14's stock in a really low elevation...so it is not the same thing. I would be thrilled if I ran a low 14 on my first track night...I hope to take the Stang out sometime next month!!:nice:
  7. I ran 13.1 my first time out spinning in three outa five gears, later found out I only was puting down 335rwhp or so. I was happy :flag:
  8. ahhh good times, sounds like you had the same experiance as me when i went to the track with my 04 for the 1st time. started off at a 14.8..by my 5 or 6th pass i was down to 14.1x...i wanted to hit the 13's but traction and luanching was a huge issue for me...si havent been back since school started.

    Congrats on your 1st run at the track...:nice:
  9. yeah my 60 ft times weren't that great but once i get those down and better traction I should be able to see some better times.
  10. You did great for your first time out! For traction, try doing a second gear burnout with your heal lightly on the break and your toes on the gas. Rev it up to about 4500rpm and let the clutch out. Then just keep in it for about 5-6 seconds and run the rpm up to 5000. You should see some good smoke and you won't have traction problems. You'll have to launch close to 4000rpm off the line though cause your car will probably bog because your tires will be nice and sticky :nice: .

  11. there are many things that factor in how you run.. I went [email protected] bone stock with a crappy 2.1 60ft but the DA number that day was in the low teens

    uncorrected track times are useless to compare aganst. you need to know the humidity, track altiude, baro and temp to have any realistic idea of what happend.
    we all know track altitude effects times , but do you realize how much baro presure and temp effect times.

    that 13.90 stock I ran if the baro presure was a little lower might have been a 14.0, or if it was humid out that might have made it slower.

    So sometimes it's not that one car or driver was better than the other, it's just that one guy knows how to pick the right days to go to the track.
  12. You all should really try to run your cars at higher elevations. Here in Colorado at 5280 ft, the fastest I ran (keep in mind this is my first time at the track) was a 15.3 @ 93mph spinning my tires like crazy. Stock 99-04 GT's usually run somewhere around the 15.0 mark and high 14's with DR's. Altitude really sucks.
  13. I feel your pain brother!! 5200ft here. My best so far is 13.90 @ 102. Should be in the 12's @ sealevel. High elevation really blows!!!