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  1. I had asked Mike about the offtopic posting. I thought some of the posts shouldent be in the 94-94 specific. I was mainley talking about when there was the thread about how much people make or the gas prices. Someone posted asking how it was tech some people jumped on him saying if they have a problem then dont read it. I thought he had a point and I voiced my opinion to Mike. I didnt want him to change the name to tech or post a sticky. I said i will help out if he wanted me to and he made me a mod and he said go clean it up. You guys voiced your thoughts of how you want it. It should be what everyone is happy with. I took off the sticky and sent Mike a message about the name change.

  2. I still see locks!
  3. IT WAS YOU!!!!11!ONE!!
  4. I dont see any problem with a "Gas Prices" or other OT threads. Whats the difference in Picture threads, and "Gas Prices" Threads. Who decides what thread is TOO off topic, and what is "not so off topic"? Like we stated in the threads that you LOCKED, we like the discussion about non-tech stuff, thats what makes this place a fun place to hang out. Its the owner's forum, but its nothing without the people, and the 94-95 Tech gets more traffic than any other forum on the net.

    I guess the bottom line is

    Why fix something when its not broken?
  5. Brandon, I respect the fact that you want to help, but IMO your help really wasn't needed here. I remember stangnet before even Joe was a mod... I don't think I EVER saw a thread locked. I feel Joe has done a GREAT job in not being too quick to use the lock button, IMO the lock should ONLY come when an unauthorized advertiser trys to spam, a thread contains information that goes against the rules all members agree to when they sign up, or a member blatently attacks another. I'm a mod on a local site and this is how I run things there. You mention the thread about how much people make and you thought it didn't fit here.... if memory serves me right that thread was over 4-5 pages long. So what does that tell me... it was a popular thread that generated more traffic on the site. This is a GOOD thing for the site admins as they get paid by advertisers, advertisers who pay to be here based on the amount of hits the site gets. The more people post and come back to read what others do, the better it looks for the admins when a would be advertiser wants to know what number of potential customers it will reach by paying money to advertise here. Plus a thread such as that lets people get to know one another a little bit more because you learn what people do and such... this generates a better sense of community amongst the users.

    My only request is not be too quick on the trigger with the lock. Let people decide for themselves what threads they want to read and which they don't. I love that this site shows a brief description of the thread by holding the cursor over the thread title... this allows me to quickly read what the thread is about so I can decide FOR MYSELF what I want to read and what I don't. If its something OT and I don't want to read it, I can simply NOT CLICK on it, it no big deal.
  6. preach brother :D

    the off topic threads keep this exciting, like the threads i make :p
  7. killercanary is on a roll tonite :nice:
  8. Well said Paul, I agree 100%.
  9. Here's the option.

    We can create a Talk forum for you 94-95 guys but I will insist that the Tech forum be just that. I can understand that you guys have formed relationships in here, but the 'talk' needs to be kept seperate. I do this for ALL forums, and this one cannot and will not be an acception, as I play level, always have and always will.

  10. Why split us up....who cares if stuff gets OT once in a blue moon, its alot of fun....why should we have to click b/t tech and talk :notnice:
  11. Hey Mike

    Can you make me a mod too? :)
  12. why do we have to split it up? We're such a small group that it doesnt matter. I DO NOT SEE WHY WE HAVE TO KEEP OFF TOPIC THREADS OUT OF THE "TECH." Its just us in it, its not Army Camp where we have "inspection" its just us...
  13. AMEN!!!

    why fix it if it ain't broken :nonono:
  14. And i'm going to be extremly pissed off if the knowledgable people get ran off. If it wasnt for this site, i wouldnt know **** about mustangs.
  15. all these damn changes are going to run me out of here, along with numerous other "top dogs"

    if i want strictly tech, i'll go to corral and do a search....if i want to have fun, laugh, and LEARN at the same time i will (did) come here
  16. I feel like I'm in third grade when that one dude did something stupid to get the entire class in trouble.
  17. Mike, I have been here for YEARS and it has ALWAYS been this way since the 94-95 section was created... talk AND tech. Why change it now? Obviously from the amount of threads on this you can see that this is NOT a popular decision with the users here. There wasn't a problem before, why make it into one now? Its your site and I respect your right to do what you want, but we don't have to be here either. I have done my best over the years to get as many 94-95 guys to come here and stay here (I even mentioned stangnet in my feature in 5.0!) because IMO it is/was the best place on the net for our particular models to share information and this was due to the way this forum was run, I just don't want you, and we the users to lose that. :( I honestly don't think you'll find a group of nicer users on your entire site, we ARE different here and all the guys here can attest to that, there is VERY little that even needs moderated here because of our sense of community... please don't "rock the boat" and take that away.
  18. We do things for reasons, you guys act like I just make this up as I go. We have thousands of people on here everyday, and most I must say do not post but come here to find information. This is mostly done by browsing and searching. We index Tech forums for peoples use and keep the 'talk' seperated and NOT indexed, thus saving valuable resources from a technical standpoint. This is just one of the reasons.

    It's the way it is. I'm sorry if some of you disagree. You now have an area for your 'talk' for those of you that want to do so. The 'tech' forum will remain tech.


  19. LOL! That's a good one Joe!
  20. I really do not see what the big problem is. Just consider that your group is big enough that it makes an impact on StangNets resources and you guys got another forum out of it. One more click to have chat, and keep valuable 'tech' information sorted for all to use.

    Heck might as well give one more reason.

    Site has to be pruned, information is lost. So we prune the talk forums and keep the tech. So either a. all your 'talk' is taking up valuable server space, or b. I prune the one forum and you lose all your valuable tech. See what I am getting at? There are reasons for things.

    Just get used to one more click and all is back to normal. ::Shrug::