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  1. At least they are now considering our own OT section and a tech section..... but then again, I don't see why it can't be like before. I don't wanna hear all this crap about 4 out of every 10 threads were OT. You know that is bull****. It was more like 1 OT thread out of every 15-20 threads before. I've been a moderator a time or two, and I know it can sometimes be tough..... but I think this move will make it a whole lot tougher for you.... Mike, Brandon, Joe...... whoever is behind this...... :rolleyes:
  2. Sorry guys if im the one the ticked off whoever about the Gas Price thread...Someone asked how it was tech and i replied that if he didnt like the thread, basicly why is he reading it. I wasnt being mean or anything like that I was just making a statement. Sounds like he got butt-hurt and went and told somebody about it. Again I wasnt trying to be a smarta** or anything, I think I was just stating the way pretty much everyone else feels about that kind of OT stuff, and the threads above will pretty much confirm that. A lot of people are paying an arm and a leg for gas and I figured I would post a thread and ask how everyone else felt about it. The sense of community that was present here when I joined the site led me to believe such a thread would be widely discussed and popular. A topic on which EVERYONE could post that owns a vehicle. Not just those with technical knowledge.

    I'm very sorry if I caused this whole thing. After all I have a whole 76 posts.

  3. Let us Moderate ourselves. If it gets out of hand we can take care of it.

    Ya know jsut like when your sibling did something you didn't like... We didn't have to go running to our parents...


    Just a thought but I have never seen a thread get that out of hand in this forum since I have been here (August 2004). Actually I jsut went and looked at the corral last night and they are out of hand.

  4. exactly...
  5. Wow what a difference 15 excuse me 16 hours has since my last post in here.

  6. Glad to see yourself a self-professed "Top Dog" . I, for one, won't miss your generally nonsensical replies. You, with your mods to simply make your car louder...

    Let's get back to making our cars better. Mike can run Stangnet any way he wants.

    I only see 10 or so guys whining about this. The only constant is change my friends....

    Let's get over it :D
  7. whoa tderrick, gear down, big rig.

    No need to bash...we're already in a pretty big cloud of dust. I understand both sides of the situation, and I think having a talk section isn't horrible.

    Personally, I'd rather have it the way it was before, with all 94-95 specific being one spot. But that's not happening, so we'll find a way around it. A happy medium, I'll take it.

    Super302 - I love Domokun...I don't care what anyone says. :nice:
  8. Now we're starting to make ABSOLUTELY no sense.

    With everyone being equal and all due respect to Mike Raburn....

    He hardly EVER participated in our forum. Period. It ran itself just fine and I'm certain 99% of people will agree with me. Now, because a few people have ****ed, he's come in to try and play police.

    Since I've already stopped being PC, lets get the ball rolling...

    Joe, our moderator, does one hell of a job and is PERFECTLY fair when it comes to "moderating" our boards. I know for a fact that he's locked many of RC's threads. RC, for all that don't know, is a good friend of Joe's. This says a lot about the job that he does. And from his post count, it's quite obvious that he participated ACTIVELY on this board.

    Brandon comes along, who has not participated one-tenth as much as Joe has and is given the title of moderator. Together with Raburn, they are chopping up, locking, and essentially screwing up a community that was in equilibrium.

    Call me an ass**** of whatever else. I'm speaking the truth. Most others were feeling too PC to say otherwise.

    Moving on....

    We've in the past tried to establish a 94-95 talk section. We finally got one - a day late and a dollar short. And yes, that IS the point. What we all "wanted" 6 months ago was not granted.

    I made my last post at approximately 11 PM last night and there was no talk section. Obviously, creating another subforum is not rocket science or too terribly time consuming. We would not have been given our own talk forum had this been the case.

    My question now becomes, "Why didn't we get this when we wanted it 6 months ago"?

    We WANTED it 6 months ago. We are, seemingly, being TOLD to use it now because a few people have ****ed.

    This IS the point.

    Are we trying to appease the majority or the minority?

    The answers, albeit ass-backwards, are clear to me.

    Once again, have a GREAT day!

  9. I really want to post, and will, but have to get to a job interview, running late because I read this whole thing. I will not go unheard.

  10. I consider this to be a pretty good statement, covering most of the ground that needs to be covered. It is a hassle sometime to dig through the threads just to try and find some info, and then when you want to find some info you can't get it because your thread doesn't have a gossip column posted up in it.

    I enjoy conversing, or just plain BS'ing on stuff with all you guys as much as the next guy, but sometimes it can be a nuscense(sp?), that said i am not one to complain so i will state that it had nothing to do with any complaints from me (so i don't get bashed :rolleyes: )

    SHORTLY STATED: I don't think this is a bad idea and i don't think anyone will die of physical exertion by just making one extra click on a "Talkl" link.....


    ps..... this is just an opinion and as we all know opinions are like a$$holes everyone has one.....
  11. I have been here since October of 2002. I used to be one of those silent members, that just read tech info. I was never bothered by the talk I just went around it. Until a little over a year ago. I started talking to someone that lived a couple of hours away (tommy you know who you are). He gave me advice was knowledgeable. After warming up to the site I decided ok maybe talking to these people can't be bad. Well easily everyone opened up to me. JR (about paint who would have guessed). CmanT914 (talking bout our cars and eventually both deciding on that blessed powere pipe). LoudToy958 (for selling me his Dr. gas thanks) not to mention he talked to me on the phone for over an hour long distance (California to Alabama). Zach (1105) for senseless crap we talked about and updates on his turbo process. Also several other im forgetting at the moment.
    Here is my point you wanted to take talk out and so you did. If you wanna give us a talk section ok, guess we will just have to deal with it. But, these people are in some form like family to me and you can say anything to them. I want to thank all you guys I have talked to and tell you this Its not your fault this happened. We just outgrew our pants. Now we need two forums. So be proud not many forums in entire web can say they have a relationship like we do.
    Thanks to all I have greatly appreciated the time I have spent here and will continue.
  12. We've in the past tried to establish a 94-95 talk section. We finally got one - a day late and a dollar short. And yes, that IS the point. What we all "wanted" 6 months ago was not granted".

    ... Nobody asked me for a Talk forum for you 94-95 guys. Hmmm.

    Simple really.

    I do not allow Talk in Tech Forums. (reasons prior given).

    I did not know that you 'guys' did not like to do 'talk' in the main 5.0 Talk Forum.

    You 'guys' wanted to be able to have non tech posts within your 'own' group so I created a '94-95' specific Talk forum.

    You guys are acting like you just found out the world is 'really' flat. It just comes down to the point that I WILL NOT allow Talk in a Tech forum and the solution has been given.

    I'm done exlpaining the same thing over and over again.

  13. :shrug:
  14. Vib isn't a moderator anymore? Lets do a (thing I learned in economics today)! Umm what was it called, kinda like a strike but not. OR we can just boycott it for a day! CMON GUYS WERE GOING STREAKING!
  15. WHAT???
  16. This thread is kinda OT dont you think?? Shouldnt it be moved to the TALK section???

    :shrug: :shrug: :shrug:
  17. I think I am. :shrug:
  18. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    look, we got a specific talk section. Stop your whining guys. Change is hard to accept, nevertheless, it's necessary. We are way to big to deal with all the crap on one section. It's about time this happened.

  19. then prove it by giving me a CT :rlaugh: