Absoulute First 5 Foxbody Mods

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  1. eeeaaasy $5k
  2. W out labor
  3. youre getting close
  4. Well I already have the e cam:rlaugh:maybe switch to the b and gain a whole second!?!:banana:
  5. FWIW, I ran a stock '86 alternator for yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeears with under drive pulleys and an e-fan. I'm still not convinced that the 130A upgrade did jack for me. Some part of me wants to believe that people with other wiring/electrical problems want to blame the small stock alt for their troubles, when really it's not at fault whatsoever.
  6. 4 wheel disk brakes with braded lines
    Lower control arms
    Lowering springs
    Shocks/struts C/C plates
  7. My fox came w pulleys, lights were dim so I put a 95 amp on and it helped

  8. absolute fail

    that's 6 :D
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  9. then dont look at mine hahahaha
  10. Stock injectors. MAF I believe is a 70 or 80 something? Why do you ask those questions. Will the power pipe require a tune?
  11. These days I agree. But, We didn't know that back in those days. We learned as we went along.LOL
  12. Yeah I remember when I was a young buck and they 1st came on the market they were marketing them as like 20 horse gain or some crap. Hell, k&n was claiming 25. If you notice now k&n doesn't mention any power gain on their commercials now only that they are better for the environment than throwing away paper filters
  13. You mean we can't add up all the HP claimed in those bolt ons?

    20 for pulleys
    25 for K&N
    20 for throttle body
    25 for headers
    20 for a CAI

    I can't believe they would LIE about that in those Mustang rags... then again they are 50% shiny ads for those parts aren't they.

    By the way... how much HP do the bullit door pins and white face gauges add? :rlaugh:
  14. I was wondering how long it would get before someone would complain that this has been covered a million times. And to that I'll give my usual reply: man, I sure wish they'd quit playing the same ole songs on the classic rock station...
  15. I wasn't complaining, just referring.
  16. ;)
  17. Just seems easier to whoever to click on an existing thread instead of taking the time to create a new thread and wait for my (or whoever) smartash response directing them to the "already asked that yesterday" section of the forum. But hey, there's always more ways to invent a wheel, right?