Add me to the list... Ordered Procharger!

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  1. Do you have any dyno sheets for the procharger on the 05 mustang
  2. I have requested them. I will try to post graph on all three blowers (Saleen, Roush, and Whipple). I will do my best to get all RW dyno graphs for the real world gains.

    The Vortech only made 100 HP, not the best bang for the buck. Add an intercooler for another grand and gain another 40 HP...

    The Vortech 05 GT ran only 13.0s. :notnice:
  3. I don't think so. Especially if you do not abuse it. We have a run it till it breaks policy (WE push it so members can rest easy with a daily driver), and the failures mentioned above are strictly RACE kits (MAX POWER RUNS), not out of the box kits. They test the full array to know what the weak points are just as we do (We have done much R&D for them as well as Pro Turbo Systems).
  4. Thanks for the info Crash. I spoke with one of my contacts at ProCharger and he said they had several test cars and that all of their 05 GTs seemed pretty indestructable throughout their abuse. He also sounded confident that the motor was not going to be the weak link.


  5. That article had the initial tune with no cooler or fuel pump.....
  6. Ok, we're listening (I'm assuming the 2nd half of the sentence will reveal glorious new numbers?)...
  7. Woohoo...I got my '05 GT a couple days ago and the modding has already begun. I found the Procharger at the best price I've seen anywhere and will be placing my order in a day or two.

    I also ordered a new Adj Panhard Rod and Pullies from the same company.

    I look forward to joining the family of '05ers!! Sorry for my raving...just excited!
  8. Forced- I understand. No offense intended.

    I just strongly believe in intercooling, and believe it should be included in a base kit for the money. I unerstand why you offer a base kit and an intercooled kit, but IMO, you could skip the base kit.

    Charge temps at ambient or at 165-180? That is the question. An intercooler adding 40 HP?

    I have seen 90 degree drops in charge temps yeild just about that much HP at the wheels, approximately 10 HP per 10 degree drop.

    I KNOW all are on a learning curve when it comes to tuning this version of EEC V, and more powerful tunes are coming. I just REALLY expected more power by the time both articles went to print FROM ALL MANUFACTURERS!

    At this point, NO ONE is making the TRUE power potential of the 3 valve and this processor yet. I know this for a fact. Parameters are SO much tighter... Hell, you can't even pull a restriction out of the stock inlet duct without a tune!

    Ford is really TRYing to lock us out... But that will ALL change! Heh!

    BTW Forced... Still playing phone tag with ya, but we WILL get hooked up. I have been SLAMMED since your first email... Please be patient!
  9. I received a PM regarding questions about the Procharger 05 Mustang GT systems. the fuel pump and warranty issues. This is a duplicate to the response I sent.

    All 05 Mustang GT kits now include the high volume fuel pump.

    As I said, EVERY base blower system ordered is entitled to the 3 year warranty. For example... On the P-1SC series blowers (Or C-Series for the IMPORTS... Whatever comes with the base kit for your vehicle) ONLY will be entitled to the extended warranty. D-F series systems are custom and are entitled to a ONE year warranty ONLY. This means systems with the boost level on the base kit is covered for an ESP.

    Tuner kits and RACE kits ONLY GET THE ONE YEAR WARRANTY.

    With that said, there are 3 things to remember.

    1. You have 30 days to complete the warranty application (Last page of the manual) and send them $49 with the SIGNED warranty application. They will process it and send you a YEAR supply of oil (TWO CASES). There is NO grace period. Contact ME or your purchasing dealer to address any warranty issues such as parts failures. Dealers take care of these issues for the custom in MOST cases.

    2. IF you order the system with a smaller pulley... One that makes more than the BASE 9 PSI (3.70" stock on a P-1SC)... You only get the ONE year warranty. This means ordering the 2.70" pulley or smaller or a D-F series blower). The HEAD unit pulley diameter (DRIVEN PULLEY, WHICH MEANS BOOST LEVEL) is the determining factor.

    3. Parts shortages (If applicable) can be dealt with directly per order by the end user. Call the techline at 913-338-2886 and have your serial number card in hand. They will 2 day the shortages to your door.

    Now back on topic... Damn. I can't wait...
  10. The pulley is a 4.25 and no fuel pump comes with the kit.
  11. Originally (First production run), that was the case, so you are somewhat correct. If you ordered early, NO PUMP, and NO RETROFIT.

    BTW- I would not have posted that had I not received a phone call from Procharger's WHOLESALE MANAGER... Out of the blue...

    An order I placed was in queue and was told I could get a 10-12 PSI pulley IF I wanted to take the chance of giving up daily driver reliability and the extended warranty. I said no. Same decision on my personal kit as well.

    Base kit gets all the goodies, the tuner kit gets NONE (Predator, injectors, and pump). The RACE kit is also a TUNER KIT. I ordered the TUNER kit.

    Jerry at SCT has already PERSONALLY tuned one and verified the stock pump was maxed on the base system and 8-9 PSI. (We are authorized SCT tuners). The MAF and 39#ers are fine for the base boost level.

    We now have access to a FLATline 11.5:1 fuel curve, preferred over the 12.6:1 the Predator provided, and have gained 40-50 HP over the supplied tune, WITH an upgraded pump.

    And I stand corrected, the F-150 uses the 3.70 pulley diameter I posted. My mistake. This kit also uses the P-1SC-1 (SLIGHT Helix on the impeller) NOT P-1SC (The straight cut impeller).

    More to come. A few TRIX I have picked up over the past two weeks... Hehe!
  12. Unpacking my box and inventory begins... I was just thinking... All those turbo'd rice burners out there with their "loud" BOVs...

    The Procharger is a blow-thru MAF system, and Procharger built a new BOV for the new system. Believe it or not, they put a K&N on it... Not to keep dirt or dust out (There is NEVER a negative pressure when it is open)... But to silence it! That is one piece I will NOT be installing.

    Hell, even with my F-150 recirculating Pro-Flow valve, the blast of air was loud. Now it will be FULLY open, and most likely aimed out toward the competition... The pesky fart-can equipped turbo'd 4s. I will be hunting EVOs... I got a chance to play with one today on the highway, and they ARE quick.

    I say they shoulda had a V-8!!!

    Not assembled for the image (It mounts at the bottom of a 90 degree tube in the lower engine compartment), just to show the major components. I have a feeling it will be enough to scare some timid drivers... LOL!


    Yes, it is Black anodized BILLET! Sweet!

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  13. Awesome...I will be placing an order for the P-1SC here shortly through a sale that is going on. Time to mod the hell out of the Mustang!
  14. where at

    So where can we find a cheap one too? :-(
  15. turrizt.. pm crash about pricing. he can help you out.
  16. Evo you say? haha, cool... I have a red 2003 Evo and I just bought a 2005 Mustang GT (mineral grey)... I grew tired of the 4 cylinder ... time for some growl and instant power...

    Man I'm sold on the procharger now... Just gotta find a good place to buy one.
  17. It is all in good fun... LOL!
  18. Whipple

    Is it just me, or does that torque curve on the whipple charger look sick!? That alone has me really debating on whether to go with the whipple or the procharger... Probably whichever is more reliable and easy to service I guess?