Aftermarket hoot (hood) stangs come on in........

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  1. VERY nice! ha, thats exactly how my car looks with my 00 R hood on....but it isnt glossy at all. I decided to leave the stock hood on the car until my 00R is painted.

    Did you make yours functional?
  2. Here's a pic of my 4" hood.


  3. Nice fuggin ride man! :eek: :drool:
  4. What 4" hood is that?
  5. Dude that side shot looks awesome man....4 inch looks big, how is the visibility with that hood,and is that a lift of hood or you can open it regular?
  6. No I didnt make it functional just because it rains here constantly in the summertime. I didnt want the water running down on to the motor and the spark plug wells. My car gets really pissy when that happens. I think I may however get the body shop to paint the backside of each louver black to look like its functional.:nice:
  7. Dude are you being a tool on purpose? You whine about someone bashing your car and then turn around and CONTINUE to bash another persons. :shrug:

    LS2 KLR I want to know about your hood also. I really like that hood.
  8. The hood on my car is from H.O. Fibertrends in Ohio. It was only $375 or so and is much lighter than stock and seems very well built. To make it functional you have to cut out two marked holes but other than taking alittle time, it was very easy. Being my car is my only transportation, visibility is pretty important. I have no issues during normal driving and the only downside I've seen is trying to locate curbs on my passenger side in the front. I originally ordered a cobra r hood but wanted something more aggressive and found this one and am glad I did.

    Also, its a latch hood but they do offer the lift offs alittle cheaper.
  9. By chance do you have a better picture of the cowl? As in from the drivers perspective.
  10. As requested.....

  11. I really like that hood. Did it require any other special prep work besides the mount holes?

    I wish they made it in carbon fiber. That way I could drive by mogs01gt's house and hang my hairy ass out the window on the way by. :D

    Thanks for the pic LS2 KLR!
  12. mines in my sig...
    someone else has posted the same hood already though :D

    LS2 KLR, is your cowl open in the back or no? hard to tell in the "inside" view of the hood...just curious.

  13. where did you get this hood? and how much if you don't mind me asking
  14. It comes with an outline of where to cut the wholes and at the time of the pic I hadn't done that yet. I finally did a couple of days ago, lol.
  15. LS2, your car looks SICK!!! Thats an awsome ride, and that hood looks wicked. I know id be worried were I to pull upside that...even if I was in an LS2 vette lol. 200 shot :drool:
  16. Does it come with rubber stopers or any form of protection against rain?
  17. ohh okay!
    mine came with the vents already there...