Aftermarket Rear-end Components

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by djk8705, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. What would all you knowledable people out there recommend for upgradeing a 93's rear suspension and maybe overall suspension to get a great hook off the line. I already have 3.73, springs, and kyb shocks in the rear. I wasnt sure, ive heard that the subframe connectors will stiffen up the whole body and help? and controll arms are a good start? but im really nnot sure so hellp me out here.
  2. yea full length subframes and control arms are a start. Subframes should be the first thing, as if you start launching hard it's going to tweek the chassis some and cause waves in the pillar behind the 1/4 glass.
  3. The above mentioned are a good way to go. But first i'd try a good set of tires like some ET streets. Slap them on some extra rims and off to the track. If you still have trouble then some control arms are in order. But first see if its just plain traction issues or wheel hop. If its wheel hop then control arms, plain traction issues then tires.
  4. I'd get some drag springs and traction bars also.. I have lakewood 50/50 rear shocks, lakewood traction action bars, Moroso trick rear drag springs, and SSM subframes.. Never got to run on slicks or DR's but it hooked up pretty good on street tires