Agent 47 Retro Race Mirrors Write-Up

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  1. Nice write up. I have been looking at those mirrors for a few months but have not purchased because I was concerned about the installation.

    Looks like I'll be ordering a set today!:nice:

    Thanks Kooldawg!
  2. You're welcome:nice: I've never done a mirror swap before and even after reading through the provided instructions, I still felt very confident of taking this project on. If you can turn a wrench, you can do this! You won't be disappointed! I'm here for questions as well:nice:
  3. They look great!. I've heard that the Agent 47 mirrors are a little on the expensive side; are they?
  4. They started out at about $400. They started using a material that didn't need to be painted, and now they're down to about $250. SilverHorse Racing sells them prepainted for just a bit over $400.
  5. I have noticed the blind spot that the factory mirrors causes. So Kooldawg has the new mirrors lessend the blind spot in your opinion?
  6. I see less in the new mirrors. It does make me have to turn my head alot more, but I wouldn't change back.
  7. My wife actually complained about the truck mirrors blocking her view so I was on line ordering these mirrors instantly. :D

    Read your report and once the flu bug passed, it took me 50 min. to do the install. I did not find it necessary to remove the original internal support to remove the harness. I used a small screwdriver to pop out the rubber grommet and then the wires simply fed thru the unit with a little finess to slip out.

    One thing I did not like was when installing the three mounting studs into the new mirrors, it is real easy to get the angle wrong so be careful there. Wife loves them and since the car is black, no painting is needed. Great product.
  8. I didn't try prying it out as it was(both parts together)since I wasn't sure if I'd break the harness or a wire. At least it will be easy to put back together if you use some epoxy where the rivets were. I got one of the passenger side retaining studs threaded just wrong enough it wouldn't fit back in the door, but was easily fixed:D
    Glad you're feeling better and love the new mirrors:nice: Pics????
  9. :nice: Nice write up
  10. looks good.

    have them on my them

    visibility is more than fine, while the housings are a big difference in size, the mirrors themselves arent very different in size and the blind spot while driving isnt big enough for anything to hide in except for maybe some skinny chick standing exactly in the right spot.
  11. Mirrors

    Nice write up, nice clean installation - looks good. Actually though, I like the visibility with my factory mirrors. I'll stay with the stockers, but I do appreciate what you've done here. :nice:
  12. I installed my mirrors after work and I am pleased with the look. However... I got a little carried away when removing the drivers side mirror and broke the motor mount. My bad not Agent 47's. Just be careful!
  13. I can't wait to get mine. They're out of the paint shop. Marcello just needs to get them cleaned up (and I have to pay for them).
  14. Those look sweet.
    What amazes me is how small they are compared to oem, yet the stock glass fits in them.
  15. It does not appear to me that the stock glass is used.
  16. My bad.
    It's the motor that is reused.
  17. Real nice how-to on the Agent 47's. Love the look of the mirrors too!

    When I asked them for install instructions, Agent 47 sent me links to 2 other how-to's that people had done and did not include yours but yours is more detailed and IMO better.

    I do see why they did not mention yours though. Yours shows just how small the Agent 47's are compared with the stock ones - looks to me like only about half the mirror surface area.

    This definitely put the brakes on my purchase to consider how this will affect visibility and potential for even greater blind spots. This would especially be an issue for those with side louvers that limit visibility also.

    Think I will try masking off 50% of my stock mirrors to see how driving like that is for a while. I don't want any oops's or omg's.

    Beauty is nice but I have learned the hard way over the years that when it removes too much of the functionality its not worth the consequences...
  18. After a few weeks with them on the car, I didn't have any loss of visibility issues. Although looking odd, taping off part of the OEM mirror is a good way to see if you like the smaller glass or not.
  19. Yeah, the tape would look stupid but I would just try it for a day or so to get a general feel.

    I have a narrow garage door and a long, curved, narrow driveway to back down with stone walls and pillars to avoid. A few of my friends vehicles have been victim to it over the years and the result can be pretty nasty...

    I do love the looks though and want to get them if its only a little less functional.
  20. they either didnt know about kooldawgs post or didnt want to drive any extra traffic here. they may have been forum sponsors to the links they provided as well. does not matter much since you found the best write up right here on :SNSign: