Agent 47 Retro Race Mirrors Write-Up

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  1. These are waaaaay better than the ugly stockers. Viewing area is no problem at all.
  2. I've been tossing around the idea of getting them prepainted. They look great on your car. Are you planning on getting them painted?
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  4. They take a couple of days to get used to, but you can still see just fine out of them. The stock ones are way over sized. They're near the size of F150 mirrors.
  5. Nice write up. I have been thinking about getting them myself. Looks good
  6. I just ordered the Agent 47s for my '007 GT from southernmustangparts for $219 + free shipping which is the lowest total price I have found anywhere online. Thanks Ken.

    I have seen these mirrors where the pod (or whatever its called) is painted body color and the triangle and stem are left black. It looks real nice that way. Definitely not like the ugly 2-tone mirrors I have seen on older mustangs either.

    IMO if you paint that triangle piece body color it sticks out like a sore thumb - really draws the eye to it whereas if its left black it blends in with the window and weather stripping.

    My mitsubishi Eclipse GT came with sport mirrors from the factory (did not have to go out and buy them like with ford) and they are gloss black on a dark red car and it looks pretty nice and you don't notice that big triangle.

    I appears to me that Klaw's '007 Vista Blue ride has had the black plastic window trim piece painted body color so on his ride the triangle doesn't stand out quite so much.

    I am going to paint mine with either just the pod body color or the whole thing gloss black on my '007 Vista Blue Mustang GT.

    Just my 2 cents worth but unless you like the BIG TRIANGLE look on your ride its something to consider before painting the whole thing body color.

  7. You're correct - I had painted the stock mirrors and color matched the window molding as well.

    Since those pictures, I've also painted the shorty antenna flat black - looks much better.
  8. Have had mine for over a year and would never go back!


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  9. I like where this thread is going.
  10. Another pic of mine.

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  11. I agree. On darker colors, it looks fine to paint them all or leav e them all black. But on lighter colors, 2 tone is the way to go, no question. On lighter colors, all looks unfinished, but all painted sticks out too much.

    That's exactly what I did. It's not cheap, but well worth it. I get nothing but compliments.



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  12. I'm digging the two tone, good work !!
  13. You know, I'm not really a big fan of the bright red but DarkFireGT I really dig your ride (and the mirrors are excellent). I think if you replaced the front marker lights with clear or smoked ones it would complete the look 100%.

    I notice everyone seems to have the shorty antennas. Is reception as good with them as with the stock by any chance? Anyone try a power antenna? Stations and reception suck where I live so I listen to mp3s 90% of the time anyway.

    My Agent 47s shipped and I can't wait to get them painted and put on...
  14. I installed these a year ago myself. The part of using the dremel to remove the plastic rivets is not really necessary. With proper alignment, my mirror connections slid right out. All the mirrors use the same connection so it will work. I would never go back to the factory mirrors. I also mounted the 2" spot mirrors to eliminate any possible blind spot.

    The mirrors did not seem to fit right where they fit to the door. After about 6 months, I decided to contact Agent47 about the poor fit. After pics were sent to them, they sent me a new set at no charge plus a return tag for the originals. Better fit now. Cannot complain about that service.

    The flat black with a bit of polish looks good on the black vert also.
  15. Hell yeah! Here's a compliment for ya...that looks like *&%$, Pal! J/K!!!!! Your car is badass:rock:
    I'd love the day our cars get together for a photo opp!
  16. Too bad MMM didnt work out for us all last year. would have been a sweet time if we all got together. we will have to try something else one of these days.
  17. Do you guys think they'd look good on my car? I can't decide if they go with the theme I've got going on ..
  18. Yes, we definitely need to get together sometime, Kool. And BigCat too, I 'spose. :nice: Definitely too bad about MMM. Just bad timing. And photoshoot, hell yes. Besides drinking beer, that's probably all we'd do! I just got a 5D and L lens, so I'm all for it. I'm shooting an ad for SHR in February. ;)

    Nasty, they look good on any car. Much better than the stock F150 mirrors.
  19. One day...
    :drool: to cam and upcoming assignment!

    Yes, Nasty, they will look great:rock:
  20. Thanx for the nice write-up John,:nice: those mirrors are on my list of things to get when $$ permits. I have read the information at their web site and I have to admit that I had no idea you had to disassemble the old mirrirs to that extent to get the motors transferred.

    I just installed a pypes street legal X and a Granatelli driveshaft loop this past weekend. I have a TCI shifter on order so my $$ is a little tight right now but those will likely be next.

    Thanx again