And the experiment begins...

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  1. This...

    Is going into...

    Stay Tuned for more details... :nice:
  2. My brother hooked up a leaf blower to his friends S10. Ran it straight off the battery. He swears that it made the car a good bit faster, all were suprised that it didn't break something.

    Goodluck with it...:bs: :)
  3. I Wanna Hear The Results!!!
  4. w00t! Now you'll be able to say you have a Vortex blower in your car. Or does that box actually say "Vortech?"
  5. that the one you got on eBay or did you go to home depot for that?! I remember someone saything they bought 2 of them or something.
  6. Home Depot...Worst part is a power inverter that puts enough watts for it is gonna cost me $200... :bang:
  7. WTF! That's like 1,000,000watts for that much money! It'll be worth the 20-30hp though, trust me...and you can say you're blown :)

    How do those things hook up to the throttle? I might try a gas one, don't they put out more power?
  8. Make sure you set it too BLOW and not VAC :rlaugh:
  9. do the electric ones even have enough output?
  10. The gas ones cost about twice as much for the same amount of MPH winds. But the gas ones put out alot more CFM. The electric ones have faster winds but less area of it.

    Actually they are pretty expensive but I got a cheap brand off ebay just now for just over $100...
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    As for making it work, flip switch in the cab.
  11. Well your going to need to block off your PCV hoses and put a filter on the PCV outlets. It SHOULD make maybe 1PSI @ WOT, if you have a hend held tuner, you may need to richen the mixture up a bit. I think you will get 15-20RWHP out of it if its tuned right. Reguardless its supplying more air and the motor doesnt have to suck it in. You need to make sure that the air blows evenly accross the MAF sensor...meaning NO BENDS right in front of the MAF if you can help it. Let us know how it goes. :nice:
  12. Ok but here is how im doing it...

    And then im gonna find a filter that will fit on the inlet of the LB so I can use the fender for cold air still. Is there anything that will be messed up if I put the blower right there? I was thinking I would be good because all the sensors are after where im hooking it up.:shrug:
  13. ^agreed.

    You are a disgrace to your Mustang.
  14. Disgrace to it? Its a disgrace to itself. Crappy 4.6 no power making piece of ****
  15. If you dont like the 4.6 get a Prius and quit yer ****in :rolleyes:
  16. Trust me i'm trying...Damn mustangs dont hold thier value at all so I owe more then the thing is worth. But it will be gone soon.
  17. So are you gettin a LS1 or what?
  18. Type R :rolleyes:
  19. No, I think he should do it... I want to see the pics and results :nice:

    The pics will spread across the interwebs for years to come :nice: