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  1. I have a 1988 mustang gt with h/c/i turbo set up going threw a stalled aod. For tuning I’m looking in to Anderson pms. Who uses this? Does it work very well? I’m tired of paying someone to tune my car with every change, plus the tuners in the area I moved to do not seem to be very great. I like this because then I don’t have to know everything about tuning as I would with mega squirt or quart horse but still can get my car where I want it to be. What all would be nessiary for me to get with their kit? Do I need the 3 bar map sensor and data recorder? This is what I’m looking at.
  2. no one on here uses this?
  3. Hey buddy. I'm not an expert but I'll share with you what I know. First off to answer your ?? I have the PMS 4 and if your running boost then YES you need the 3 bar map sensor. If you plan on tuning it yourself then you will need a wideband O2 sensor as well. The data recorder is not necessary but it would make tuning easier I'm sure. I have an 89 LX 5.0 with a Paxton VR4 and I've been able to tune it pretty good. I would like to do some dyno pulls to see where I'm at on HP and TQ though. And as far as the wideband goes, I got an AEM wideband, and I'm told that they don't make the wideband that works with the PMS anymore (at least the one that will send an output into the PMS itself. Andersons Tech crew is great, very smart and friendly so anything you cant get answered her they can I'm sure. Any other questions I'll answer the best I can.
  4. thanks im sure this is probubly the route im going to go once i get my bigger turbo on the car.
  5. You can get going with a Quarterhorse for much cheaper than a PMS - about half the price. A lot of places will sell you a QH with a base tune and will further help with the tuning if you send them your data logs.
  6. I use the Anderson PMS IV, and for what you want and what you are describing, it will fit your needs well. Be advised, the instructions that come with the kit are worthless. It's a generic how to navigate type instruction, with no instructions on what to do as far as tuning goes. If you buy it used, make sure you get the seq unit. It allows the per cylinder tuning and other great features. I've gone mid 9's with one of these combined with a programmable digital 7 ignition box. You can get on various sites where other pms users share info. I'll help if I can, but rarely on here.
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  8. Sequential unit. It is the PMS series IV. It allows per cylinder tuning and other functions including sequential firing of the fuel injectors instead of the older batch fire styles.