another GO FAST project.....Round 2!!!

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  1. i'm 6'2. i have thought about taking a little off the top LOL. gonna discuss it with the boss this week and see what would be needed. i would need some custom side windows i guess. i'm already over $4K into this so i dont wanna drop a whole lot more into a truck with a value of $2000:(
  2. I somehow missed this post. After calling my brother and asking, it is an 83 Ranger. It was originally a diesel, but it blew not too long after my dad got it, and he put the 4 cylinder gas motor back in it. He drove it for a while, then my granddad bought it from him and drove it for close to 300,000 miles (mainly on the farm) before finally deciding that it was toast. The clutch was gone, rear end made all kinds of funky noises, alternator was bad, the steering wheel had about 3/4 of a turn of lost motion in it, only the driver windshield wiper worked. That's when my brother got it and put the 5.0 in it.

    My granddad actually has a 86 F-250 XLT Lariat almost identical to the one you posted above, except the red stripe is smaller, and there's also a small white stripe just below the red one (he custom painted the truck himself). He has some Wild Country's mounted on chrome wagon wheel rims under about 3 inches of lift; 4.10s and the 3 speed tranny. 351 HO under the hood with straight pipes. :drool: Truck is freaking nice (and spotless).

    My uncle also has a green 74 F-100 that he used to race a lot. Still has the original paint, in good condition. It has a 460 with the Cobra Jet heads, bigger carb (don't remember exactly what), all other supporting engine mods, built tranny, 4.10s, Mickey Thompson slicks, and about a 250 shot. Fastest vehicle I've ever ridden in. I think it went low 7's in the 1/8 back in the day.

    And talking about fuel mileage, my brother (same one) has an 03 FX4 Level II Ranger ext. cab with 4.10s, and he gets 13.5 mpg on a good day...:notnice:

    Man, talking about racing trucks gets me all riled up! I love it! Diesels are my favorite. ;)
  3. That would look sick.
  4. got the windshield out tonight. what a PITA!!! i used a gasket scraper and an air chisel to remove it and there is glass all over my interior. good thing the dash is the only stock part that is going to be left in it
  5. At least you didn't slice yourself (assuming here) too bad while removing it. Cleaning up glass sucks, I suggest a shop vac and some beer to get the job done.
  6. made some good progress today.






  7. Nice... how bad was taking the old roof off?
  8. it was easier to take the roof off than removing the windshield. about 30 min of cutting and drilling a few spot welds and it lifted right off!
  9. What happened to the 2001 ranger?

  10. that is my parts truck:D i will be using the front clip from that truck to convert my 95 to a 2010 with about $300 in new parts. gotta love the rangers not changing the body for the past 17 years!!

    add the header panel, grill and hood from a 2010 and the rest of the 2001 fenders, lights and other stuff (same as 2010) and it will look like a brand new truck!
  11. more progress pics. it's looking like a truck again!

    these are the filler panels i made from part of the old roof clip.

    this way the cuts dont have to be perfect and you have something to weld to





    i still have some trimming and fitting to do before i start welding and filling everything in. hopefully i will have the top in it's correct place by the weekend
  12. Man that's a great fit for just dropping it on. I'm sure it will look as it did when it was first assembled by the time you are done. That's going to be one of the coolest Rangers around.
  13. nice work man, i love rangers, we have a 93 4.0 5 speed, and its a great truck! my dad swears he will never sell it!
  14. i was happy since it was my first time attempting something like this.

    my boss is really wanting to chop the top some. he has a glass guy coming out tomorrow to see what it would cost to get all the windows cut to fit it.

    i'm trying to decide on the paint for it now. i dont know if i want the factory color of satin black.
  15. yea man, I love rangers......I have a 96

  16. single turbo kit

    does anyone have any info on a good single turbo kit for 99-04 gts

    i was looking at blow-by-blow racing or mmr or hellion

    i think this summer if money is rigth i am going to go for a single turbo kit and sell the s-trim to help with the cost.

    if i can get all the pipping and a few more parts like bov,waste gate, oil lines and such i should be good

    then i will get a 66 or 76mm turbo
    atm with the cobra tank ,kb boost-a-pump and 60lb injectors i should be able to hit 600rwhp with that fuel set-up easy

  17. Somebodys off the meds :nono:!:D
  18. well as long as we're being random..

    I like to party


  19. GTFO, how does this have ANYTHING TO DO WITH BUILDING A TRUCK WITH A 5.0?!?!?!?!?!?!!?