any body want rims

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  1. I have white cobra r rims their 17x8 mounted balanced on some low pro michillin tires they were used twice on my car for maybe 8 days. 800 obo you can email me at [email protected].. ill take money order check and ill figure out shippin for you to.
  2. hey

    im gonna go cheaper on the rims their all like brand new with brand new tires ill sell them for like 650.
  3. Dude if you offered fot $20 I wouldn't buy from you. You'd probably send stock 14inch wheels after you get the money. Liars can't be trusted.
  4. i have pictures of the rims and its called insurence dude if i didnt give them to you, you could like sue me?. I think im going to put them on ebay their like brand new i sold my mustang today its gone i need to get rid of my rims now.
  5. unless everyone knows your a lying ricer.
  6. can i see some pics? I am debating how white wheels would look on my car. You can email them to me or post them here whichever works for you. But i need some new wheels and these sounds like a good deal. Not sure why all the hate is flying around here today though?

  7. Here you go

    Yea i got pics theirs a pic on ebay of mine with them on. Its on ebay now so i cant rip any one off if you thought i was going to. If they dont sell dr just make me and offer and you can have them or just bid on them here. ebay
  8. Not hate dr. Just a little too much ricer talk. Him and his buddy stirrd stuff up awhile ago with talking a little trash about there supposed 9second dsm, ask him how fast it *really* is...LOL ricers :p
  9. He does have a gsx not a 9 sec one. I just put my rims up now with no reserve bidding starts at 480. If somone wants some cheap rims and tires their nice as can be i dont want them sitting their no more.
  10. ah gsx, my bad, anyways i like the rims...maybe would concider them if you werent so dogon far away! Good luck selling!
  11. AWWWWWWWWWW somebody can't get any bids on there perty werty white wims...maybe you should have a friend bid on them for you..just please get rid of everything mustang you own so you can stop coming to these boards
  12. I was jsut trying to help you guys out thier nice rims with tires its probably the best deal anyone would ever get to be serious with you. Im ending auction tonight if someone bid they get them if not o well. Two guys want to buy them around here see ya later stang net.