Any Sbf Blower Experts Out There?

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  1. For my 69. Thinking about a Ford Racing 302 long block and the corrasponding Weiand supercharger. Obviously have to upgrade to electric fuel pump. Can give a list of what they have or know someone with a roots blower on a classic mustang? And any advice on a project like this. I've wanted to do this ever since I saw Mad Max as a kid. Thanks, I've already got a beefed up rear end and C4.
  2. My setup was on a fox so it may be a little different. I had to get an alternator relocation bracket, electric fan, boost ref. carb, boost retard box(vortech), and a 140+GPH Electric In-line fuel pump. I think that's everything. Ran it at idle, but under load the fuel bowls would bleed dry. Ending up going a different route. With that said that blower is the coolest sounding thing ever. A jet plane is close to comparison :D. Definitely forged pistons as well.

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  3. Do you have more information on the Ford Racing long block? If it does not have forged pistons I would consider going another route. What are your ultimate HP goals? Are you totally sold on a roots style blower? The reason for the last question comes down to a matter of efficiency. The newer centrifugal style blowers are leaps and bounds more efficient than the older style roots blowers. They produce less heat, more boost and more horsepower all while being more reliable. This is a centrifugal with a carb enclosure on sbc, it would be very similar in an application like yours as well.

    First things first is having a reliable foundation starting with the engine. Forged pistons are a must for me. Depending on the performance that you are looking for will determine what cylinder heads and manifold you choose. Headers should also be considered here as well. What do you have done to the current C4 trans? Is it other wise stock or has it been upgraded? You will be looking at replacing the convertor to something that has anti ballooning plates if you don't have them already. At the very least a stall change will be required. As for the rear, what is beefed up? Will you be using street tires only or some other sticky tire like a drag radial?

    Now lets think about the fuel system. A good fuel system will be required for forced induction. I personally like the Stealth system from Aeromotive. They have a 340lhp pump assembly that you can install in your factory tank to make a very sleek and stock appearing fuel system. This requires a new filter set and a new regulator. I would also prefer you to have braided stainless or similar fuel lines as the factory sized lines will not have the capacity. Check this kit out from Aeromotive

    Depending on the HP that you expect to make with your setup you will need to make a selection for an appropriate carburetor. An electric fan would be preferable but not required. Your accessories on the engine can typically stay where they are but this will ultimately depend on the kit that you choose. An aftermarket ignition system will also be required here. Look to MSD for a BTM or boost timing master. It will vary the ignition timing based on the boost pressure that the engine sees. It also will increase the spark capacity to like the fuel off under the higher cylinder pressures. After this is all said and done, plan on having the carb tuned. This will be necessary to set up the jetting to dial in your new combination and make sure that it is running safely.

    This is a big undertaking and can be rather costly to do right. There is only one way in my opinion to do a project like this and that would be with carefully chosen parts for a combination that will work well together. I would be happy to help guide you through a project like this and am more than happy to help answer any questions that you may have.

  4. TheFR engine would be all forged internals. I know about the enclosed box centerfugals but I'm more interested in the look than the HP. But now I'm leaning toward converting my 351w to roller cam and forged internals stroker kit. 427ci. Then add the blower. Even though it would be like with my red 89 GT, every A hole on the street wants to race me but the blower is just a boyhood dream. I'll keep you guys tagged so can ask questions when I get to it. Thanks if you guys have any pics of your projects online I'd like to see them.
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  5. Sounds good to me! Good luck with your project and I look forward to seeing how you progress with it. Please keep up posted with pictures along the way and if you have any questions at all please ask! I've been called a "blower whore" elsewhere in this forum and it's kind of my specialty.

    This is my hooptie:
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  6. Hooptie dooptie sat on a wall
  7. :lol: That was a long time ago :confused:
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  8. Nice pics. I do have one question right now. whether I go with 1 or 2 carbs how problematic are the throttle linkages and finding the right hardware? Also how on earth would the kick down lever on an automatic tranny work I assume they would be hard to find for a blower setup, need to be custom made?
  9. 2 carbs is still an option these days :shrug:
  10. You certainly can run two carbs, the choice is really yours. This will ultimately depend on what type of blower system you go with. Most blower manufactures offer a kit that will link the carbs together and your best bet is to order the linkage for the carbs at the same time as the blower
  11. What about the kick down lever? Also Im glad Im thinking of this stuff now. Do I have to worry about distributor clearance? Or do manufacturers make them so they always clear ford distributor on front of engine vs chevy distributor back of engine? Also its really hard to find any good picks of engines with roots blowers if anyone knows where to find any please post a link here for the annuls of history. Thanks, also why are they called "roots", centrifugal is obvious.
  12. Clears dizzy just fine. Here's pics of mine.

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  13. Depending on which blower you decide on and which distributer you use it may or may not work... This isn't what you want to hear I'm sure. If you choose a bigger 6-71 style blower you need to be very careful with clearance. The manufacture should make very specific recommendations for the type of distributor. An hei type cap will more than likely not work and you will probably find yourself using a small distributor cap.

    As far as I know, the roots style got it name from the design. The inner portion of the blower that rotates and compresses the air are know as rotors. Hence the roots type blower. An upgrade from that would be the screw blower. These have twisted rotors hence the screw name.

    Pictures.. That's a tough one, the ford crowd is not as eagar in my opinion to head the roots direction. This will make it hard to find pictures. I'll keep my eye open and post any links that I find in this thread.