Part Suggestions 1996 / 1998 4.6L DOHC Mashup Engine Rebuild


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Aug 21, 2019
Camp Lejeune, NC
Good evening Friends wherever you are,

In the process of doing my first rebuild of my 1996 4.6L DOHC for eventual drop back into my '96 street/strip Cobra. My north star/target is a 10.6, 1/4 mile: My recipe is 675HP/600LB/FT @ 3500LBS 4.10 gears, according to the calculator I'm looking at, it should do it. Now I need some recommendations to get there and remain reliable. I bought a junk motor '98 with a bunch of bolt ons included and already have the following:
60 mm throttle body
42 lb/hr Injectors
Vortech V2-SQ centrifugal supercharger and air to water intercooler
Moroso deep oil pan
BBK long tube headers
Screamin Demon Coils

I have the motor removed and stripped down to the block, haven't made any purchases yet but know I will need the following (I assume) and would like some recommendations on what can do the 675HP 600LB/FT all day long:
=Forged Internals
-Crank (Stock?)
-Rods (Manley Forged H-Beams?)
-Pistons (Diamond Mod2K?)
=EFI Replacement (Holley Terminator Max? Also associated sensor assortment? Stock coils? Stock Injectors?)
=Spark amplifier (Do I need this or does the Holley system handle similar issues with its feature set? )
=Spark Plugs (assume I need some cold plugs for the blown application, recommendations?)
=Fuel Delivery Replacement (Aeromotive Ford 4.6L Dynamic Fuel System Pump Kit?)
=Injectors (Want to go to EV6 somethings looked at snake eater injectors, any recommendations appreciated)
=Cams (Looking for upgrade to the exhaust cam to something suitable for the blower 225 duration, .475 lift.?)
=Gaskets (looking to replace the entire gasket assortment, what should I go with while not skimping or overdoing?)
=Supercharger boost increase (smaller pulley? how do I see more boost out of my supercharger? stock it produces ~10 lbs)
=Air to Air intercooler (think the air to water is cool, but air to air seems more useful in the street/strip application, suggestions?)
=NOS kit (have always been a sucker for a cool Nitrous Oxide System although not sure what will incorporate well into the above?)

Want to meet the needs of the motor for those numbers but not over spend needlessly, also looking forward to never having to crack the motor ever again so I'm willing to spend for that privilege. Trying to have the build done by Mustang week 2020 (September), looking forward to getting the project done, appreciate any feedback.

Jimmy Jam
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