Anybody have *Nice* Interior Pics? CF? Painted interior? or something else?Need IDEAS

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  1. Whats up guys, i have a 02 gt vert and im looking to spice up the interior. as for now my only interior mod is my upr race shift knob and a mgw cupholder cnc billet bezel:)..Im debating whether to go the carbon fiber route, painting my interior pieces, or just buying a aluminum dash..I'd like to see different interior schemes so I can get the ball rolling and start shelling out some cash-mods:)

    oh yea, im looking to LIFE to the side door plastic pieces where the window controls are and maybe the center dash bezel and maybe some other things once I see pics.
  2. I have the Speedhut white face el-glo gauges. the look great and you can get custom text and they have the correct redline. sry, no pics.
  3. the carbon fiber kit look nice with some gauges and a roll cage..??
  4. [​IMG]

    Hope this link works. This is my shifter/radio suround painted DSG to match the car. I also have the MGW brake handle, turn signal cover and headlight knob, UPR silver face reverse glow gauges and A/C faceplate, billet cupholder bezel, and Redline leather boots...
  5. looks good closer..really good, why doesnt the shiftboot go all the way up to the shifter handle?
  6. I like the feel of it better. I can grab the knob anywhere, and have the boot in my way... plus I really like the look of it too...

  7. looks like you've got a black exterior...not sure if you're interior is dark-charcoal...if it is...the panels painted in gloss black looks nice

    here's mine
  8. I really like the red interior. What kind of paint did you use? Was there a lot of prep work involved? Here's a pic of mine. I just have all the billet knobs and such. I'm planning to order the Steeda door handles for my next interior purchase.

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  9. Just cleaned them real good with alcohol. Went to autobody paint store and bought "Redfire03 High Gloss Vinyl based paint" (color or my exterior paint) Fired up the air compressor and shot them 3 coats each..... Viola

    EDIT 2 years no chips scratches or blemishes matches my exterior perfectly right down to the pearl :nice:
  10. Here's a pic of mine it's a little dark, taken in the garage at night after finishing the shift knob install.

    Daytime pic.

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  11. Walmart steering wheel cover, right? :)
  12. You either like it or hate it... Its too much for a lot. But hey i did it myself and very pleased how it came out. Who knows maybe you will get an idea from it... Old pic I now have an FR500 Steering wheel! Wal Mart paint! Carbon fiber overlay!

  13. I think the gloss black looks bad ass
  14. Here are a few interior accents from my GT...
    Autometer Gauges, Retro Rings, Steeda/MGW Billet Accessories, and Mystic Paint Accent on bezels, enamel paint on the dash...
    Custom billet door panels...
    86' Recaro Style headrests covered in matching leather...
    Roush Tool Kit, JL 10W7 Sound System with JL Amp, Taylor battery re-location kit, and chrome extinguisher...

    A few new tricks will be added this winter - can't post them untiil they are installed as they are still ideas at this point. I hope this helps.

  15. mine's like jeffnoel.

    I also painted the mustang logo on the steering wheel and the scripty letters on the passnger side dash and the letters on the rubber trim on the inside bottom door jam.


  16. I have a 5 piece Real Carbon Fiber interior, Its very nice about $900 retail(mine is a rolling demo :rolleyes: ). Its made by the same company that does the wood interior for the navigator and a few other FoMoCo products. I'll post pics soon. They are available, but only as a custom order..Ive never seen anything nicer(especially cf).
  17. DSC00008.JPG

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  18. brushed aluminum looks badass on black or dark charcoal interiors
  19. Here a pic of my old 01' GT. Had the pieces painted the silver off of my moms GT