Engine Anybody used an Edlebrock Throttle Body Elbow?

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  1. Installing my Trick Flow StreetHeat intake in my 67, and I need to turn hard to clear the shock tower, much like we do for the 95s. Summit is showing the Trick Flow elbow out of stock for a month; the Edelbrock looks to be essentially the same thing. Anyone have any experience with them?

  2. I have exp with both and the TFS unit is a much better piece. I would look elswhere for the TFS elbow.
  3. Do I need the EGR spacer that mounts between the TB and the intake? Does the SN95 adapter replace the EGR spacer?

    What happens if I don't use it? I have one that came off the donor car (91 LX), but it looks like quite a few cars I can find pictures of engine bays on the internet aren't using it. That would solve a lot of clearance problems, if I can do that.

    As a reminder: The car is a 67, so no emissions testing, because in 67 there was nothing to test!
  4. The egr spacer is not needed in your case, so dont worry about it. You will have to block off the egr port on the new elbow using a fuel pump block off plate for a 351 or you can fabricate one yourself. Not sure how you plan on running your set up but you stated you have a fox donor car. If this is what you are using for an ecm and harness you will need to think about throttle cable, tps, issues as the 94-95 elbow uses a different cable and tps than the fox stuff. Just something to think about as running a fox TB with no egr spacer and a piece of 90* exhaust tubing off the TB might also do the trick for you and allow you to use all the fox parts off your donor car. Not sure off your plans but either way will work just depends on how much room you have and what parts you have to work with.
  5. Thanks for the reply. After countless trips back and forth between the computer and the garage, I think I've landed on the following plan: TB mounted straight to intake (no 95 adapter, no EGR spacer). Deleting the EGR allows enough room to do a 90 off the TB and clear the shock tower, which appears to be the same conclusion you came to above. You confirming it helps a lot!

    BTW, I have always loved your car!

    Merry Christmas from Santa's backyard!
  6. That sounds like a solid plan youll just have to figure out a throttle cable bracket. JFYI if you have the room they sell fox egr delete plates in different widths that have tabs for the throttle cable bracket or again you can fab something up yourself. BTW thanks and happy holidays to you and yours , enjoy.