anyone interested in a new watts link and a 3 or 4 link in here

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  1. Anyone have any updates on the EVM three link?
  2. We have the design complete and are working through the geometry verification and optimization on our prototype pieces. Our hope is to open the pre-order in the next month or two. The design is complete, we are jut crossing the Ts and dotting the I's...

  3. bringing this back TTT as Fall begins and no 3-link is in place. I've contacted Mike and just contacted EvM through their online form. I hope this project can see the light of day sometime soon.

    Anyone have any suggestions for what 3-link to buy if EvM doesn't end up producing this? Would RRS be compatible with the Watts' I have welded in? Where are you guys at who are in a similar situation? This is holding up a few things - don't want to settle on rear axle width until I see how the suspension will mate up and if I have any more or less clearance than with leafs, and that is holding up my diff, and that is holding up my engine, etc., etc. The thigh bone's connected to the hip bone, lol.
  4. I'm partial to the RRS 3-link these days and will be using it on the new '68 Bullitt project. It's very similar in concept to the TCP setup but much simpler in execution. To me, less moving parts is better.

    Whether you could use your existing Watts link would depend on how it mounts to the axle -- I imagine there'd be an interference with the RRS hardware (the parts that bolt to the spring perches). Maybe with some creative cutting and zapping...I'd be happy to look into it with them for you if you decide to go that way.
  5. Just got an update from EvM

    apparently they didn't get my previous email, it went into a spam folder, or something. Whatever happened, it looks like they had a few issues combined and they now plan to have everything set by the end of October and take orders before the holidays. I think I'm sitting tight, and it's good to have an update. I'm excited to see how it mounts up, especially the top link. :nice:
  6. *sigh* at least I have the barn to work on it now in the winter...looks like I will have to increase my heating BTu though if I'm going to be doing a 3 link install over the winter :(
  7. I just installed my Grigg's Racing Watts suspension into my 66 coupe. The engineering and their experience and success in racing sure made for an easy install. I cant wait to finish the rest of the car so I can drive it. I utilized an 8.8 rear housing and have mini-tubbed the car to fit 315/45/17's. This is going to be a street car, and hopefully an awesome handling street car!
  8. Griggs - lots of body mods required?

    Kris, I checked in on Griggs' site and it looks like they are revamping it, but all the pics aren't up:

    these are the pics I have seen before of it:


    Here's what I didn't like about the Griggs' rear, from what I can remember of my research a year or two ago:

    -Seemed to require lots of cutting of original sheetmetal.
    -Watts' Link mount welds to diff. I like EvM and Fays2 designs here that bolt to axle. Maintenance of the rear would seem to be easier than with the Griggs.
    -I seem to remember a discussion of top-mounted 3-link vs. torque arm and I ended up liking the characteristics of the top-mounted better. At least vs. a shorter torque arm.
    -I have a convertible, so the long torque arms would (I believe) interfere with the convertible reinforcement midspan.
    -The best subframes for convertibles, those that run straight through the convertible subfloor, are not easily compatible with these long torque arms that have a crosspiece that the arm mounts to. More fab work, basically.

    Tubbing would be nice, but then I probably wouldn't be able to put the convertible top down. :D I think the Griggs is nice, but more for a fastback or coupe. With a convertible, I have to keep stuff pretty contained back there . . .
  9. Hey Everyone,

    Just to follow up on 70 Verts Comments. The three link is happening. We have everything in prototype form and are fitting everything to the car (finally). Our summer turned out to be a wash. We had issues with one of our mfg's and my brother moved back from MI. So, life got in the way and nothing really progressed. Now all that is past us and our plan is to button everything up before the end of October or right about there, so we can have something that can be ordered by the holidays.

    Once we have everything mocked up in the car we will post some pictures for your reference.

  10. That means your all back in Trevose right?

    Does that mean I can pick mine up when ready ;)
  11. Buckingham now....:)

  12. Damn, you beat me to the punch....

    Hey everyone, as bnickel said...The Evm vintage Trilink full suspension system for the vintage Mustangs is done... Go here to check it out...

    Just a few notes...This is our prototype, so don't get too wrapped up on the finish and rough edges of a few pieces...The production piece will be on par with the rest of our offerings...

    We just need to work out a some of the pricing, so look for a pre-order the first week of January....You can have this on your car in March/April...

    Happy Holidays....

  13. hey Mike, i figured that was the case but i wanted to post it here anyway just in case.

    BTW, what's the status on the cougar unit? are you guys going ahead with it or have you decided against it?
  14. Wow, finally out. And just when I had pretty much decided on the TCP G-Link. Now I have some more thinking to do.
    Do you have any pics on the center, or tri link?
    Will tail pipes out the rear be possible?
  15. hallelujah! Great Xmas present from Mike and the guys at EvM! It looks great already. I am still amazed at how the upper link doesn't intrude into the seat area - I am sure it is angled or curved or both. I love the idea of 3-link handling without giving up a stock interior. I was daydreaming the other day about a triangulated extension for a roll cage that would extend into the trunk and touch the suspension pickup points and weld to a steel trunk divider. On the other side, the cage could bolt in after removing the rear seat for any potential track use. I would just have to get around the folded convertible top. Now I have a little more idea where those pickup points will be!

    Happy holidays everyone! I am satisfying the vintage car itch around the holidays by playing GT Legends, the best vintage racing game out there!
  16. Ok I`ll be the dork

    and ask why are the coil springs are going toward the back of the car in the 3 link setup?
  17. quick guess

    packaging and a mounting point close to the original mount point for the rearward portion of the leafs - uses the unibody's original structure and pickup points, or at least is very close. I believe the rear pickup point is where the tiedowns go, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

    I'm impressed at how everything seems to fit in there - coilovers, a Watt's in the correct position, the upper link of the 3-link, and even an adjustable stabilizer bar, all for a great price. If it's engineered and manufactured as well as their Watt's and their other products, it should be a winner.
  18. WOW! this looks very nice... didnt see a cost just yet. but looking at the other prices for the current rear suspension setups on the site... if this one is priced similar it looks like someone could actually purchase this for a vintage daily driver.
  19. Have not decided against it...Just been swamped with getting the Mustang unit in order. We need to understand the exact differences. I would bet that the LCAs and the Upper arm would be different on the cougar, while the remaining items should be ok.

    I will try to get some other pictures up on the site. When I do I will post to let everyone know. As far as tailpipes go....We are shooting to be able to run them. It shouldn't be too horrible...There is alot going on in a small area, but our goal is to offer a tube section that you can use to get through all the geometry...

    We do utilize the tie-downs...our rear shock-bracket picks up both tie-down holes...Packaging and strength were two of the contributors...

    I think that covers most of the questions for now.