Anyone think this is possible?

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  1. Hey, so today my friend and i got into an argument about cars and the usual bs about whose car is faster and he bet me $100 that i could not run a 12.4 or faster in my '12 5.0 with the stock 255's on back.. I obviously bet him because i think its possible with a few trips down the track to see what rpm's to launch at and to shift at.

    My 5.slow has a JLT CAI and 93 octane performance/race tune on it now.. tomorrow supposidly Bama is sending me another set of tunes for the boss manifold. I also have steeda lower rear control arms and have Zero traction problems leaving at idle or 1000 rpms.

    Any thoughts or opinions on this? I have to use the 255mm stock pirelli rubber in order to win the $100.
  2. I feel like that'll be tough but it might be plausible.. MM&FF magazine ran 12.7 on a stock 5.0 with street tires and like a 12.3 with drag radials. Your street tires with a couple of modifications will probably get you close but it won't be easy!
  3. Either do it or don't do, I guess. Not sure what input you are looking for here. I personally don't think you can do it, and neither do you, really, because you wouldn't be asking if it was possible on a 4.6 subforum if you did.

    Give your friend the money or run the ET. Are you going to spend thousands on mods trying to win the bet or what? If you've not even been to the track with the car, what precisely were you thinking when you promised to give your friend $100?
  4. He just bet me.. if i don't run it, i don't need to give him $100. Im going monday to milan so i guess ill let you know
  5. One track attempt at it?

    Have you raced the car before? The air isn't great so I am not sure that you'll get it. The Boss manifold hasn't shown to be faster on stock cars; in fact the opposite for most cars.
  6. :stupid:

    Busting out 12.2's on stock 255's with springs(road race, non drag), cold air and tune. Great air, though, too.

    You need good track prep and DA, and yeah, you can do it. However, it won't happen in hot summer air.

    D98gt hot lapped 12.2-12.5's back to back to back runs for forumwars with no wait in between runs. Good driving, and good air/track.

    I was there to witness it in person, and helped install some parts on his car for forumwars, so I know it can be done.
  7. Maybe he already asked on the 5.0 forum and didnt like what he heard.

    OP - I think it is possible with the mods you listed, however you wont do it your first time at the track. Get some seat time and go double or nothing.
  8. Even better..235 all seasons :D
    Wish we had that air still.