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  1. So I have thought of a way to make my car a little different than others out there and am really wondering if there is anyone who has tried to cut this piece on your own car and the success/failure it was. Here is the part for reference:

    Ford Black Instrument Bezel & Clear Lens (99-04) at - Free Shipping!

    I know it has been done a few times because I have seen things that go inside here but you have to cut it to get it to work. Anybody?
  2. Are you saying cut the clear plastic cover to get access to the backing?

  3. yep that one..
  4. Maybe im misinterpretting, but you do know that you can just unscrew the clear plastic to gain access to the guts, right??????????
  5. yea 5.0 I know that.. what I am wanting to do is take the front plastic piece and get to the black part on that piece not the gauges themselves.. if you look at the link it shows the piece i want to cut open and ford decided to like heat weld the plastic together so if you try to pry it at all you crack it to hell and back.
  6. That clear plastic piece is only $14 at the parts counter. I usually get a new one when I get a Mustang because they are always pretty scratched up. Cut it up if you do not like it spend $14 and get a new one.
  7. Kilgore that's exactly why I am going to try it myself... I was told a crazy number for somebody else to cut it so that's what I was thinking!
  8. Well I got around to cutting it today. I took my time so I finished around an hour. Just a time consuming process and I made sure I took my time because I am not going to try another one past this. The only thing I am worried about is how well it will glue back together when its all completed! When I get this work done Ill post some pictures and yall can tell me if my idea was crap or not :nice:
  9. [​IMG][/IMG]Yeah, I cut mine apart with a dremmel, put it back together with
    clear silicone. But I think you can get them already put together as a one piece unit.
  10. As in you could buy it with the insert already in it or what exactly? Mine was glued together and I thought about what you have but I have decided to try a little different route.

  11. I dont understand what you are even doing... maybe I missed it
  12. I got my insert from UPR, not sure but I think they have it as a 1 piece with
    the insert already in there.
    I could be wrong.
  13. Here's what I did.. Seperated the glued on piece in the picture. Here ya go..


  14. Well I got the piece back today from the paint booth and I am pretty happy with it. I am not painting any other pieces inside my interior because too much is overkill to me and with this piece I just wanted to be 'different' in that I have only seen a few people with carbon fiber look a like and the one above. Anyways heres the picture and yall can let me know if yall approve or not! Now I get to decide on if I should put the chrome rings or not but either way I think I am gonna put some speedhut gauges in.. white face e/l glow or the reverse glow black face with what backlight do yall think?

  15. Looks good with the red, however the contrast against the black kinda kills it IMO. Some white-faced gauges would set it off real nice.
  16. The red looks impressive. I like unique ideas like that. Whether or not you should do something else depends on the look of the entire cabin. Post a pic of the interior.
  17. Looks good, as long as that is the same color of your car.
  18. As requested.. Its the dark leather interior and yes the red is the color of the car. I think the color is fire red or something along those lines. All the pieces were professionally done with clearcoat on top of it.