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  1. I can't figure out if that's sarcasm or not but I was really considering those too. i just can't make up my mind!
  2. That would give a subtle accent to the dash and would tie in well with your billet trim.
  3. no, not sarcasm at all, I think the chrome trim rings would really finish it off, and look a lot better than putting in white gauges
  4. Well after glueing the front back together last night I go to my car this morning and find the glue did some wierd crap and spiderwebbed and all sorts of stuff on the clear plastic and even on the paint, gauges, and the surround that sits on top the steering column! I was SUPER pissed when I saw this and now I am not sure if I will be able to save this or not.. what a pain in the ass.. PS never ever use the Gorilla glue on anything you like. the stuff bonded great but was awful other than that.. what good is a glued piece if I can't see through the damn thing?!?
  5. So next follow up question.. Does anybody know if the 97 or 98 clear dash piece comes apart from the black piece? If so the 2 look like they are the same thing so I could just put that on much easier when I get this other pos 1 off.. Why can't Ford just make this easy and have them seperated??
  6. I thought about doing this to my 04 also, except painting it silver to match my radio/shifter bezel that comes with the premium interior.
  7. I was under the impression you were using Silicone as suggested above. If I thought otherwise, I would have strongly suggested against it. Silicone sets up fast and is very neat if you take your time and just tack the bezel back in.
  8. I first tried using some quick set epoxy but that stuff set so fast I had time to mix the 2 components then it was basically useless. So silicone is the way to go when I fix it next time?
  9. clear silicon.... no problems.
  10. Yes, Silicone remains flexible so it will fasten while allowing for vibration without losing its bond.
  11. So does anybody happen to know if the 98 or older lenses seperate unlike the 99-04's? I could pick up 1 of those and call it a day if they do
  12. I have a 96 cluster laying around and it separates the same as the 99-04.
  13. Damn ok guess I have to go back and cut another one up if I want to do this.. :(
  14. Take a deep breath, padwan. Just think how awesome it's going to look when you get done. :nice:
  15. Well it has taken a while and I took a few deep breathes since the last attempt at this (Also digging up old thread too), BUT I got it done and finally am happy with it. Just a few phone pictures:


  16. Looks much better.....but is that a cobra cluster? Did you recalibrate to compensate for the extra MPH and RPM? :scratch:
  17. Those are nice. Never seen em before.:nice:
    My clear plastic cover is in rough shape. I think its time for a new plastic lens (per the trout) and some of these rings round the gauges.
  18. Well I have gone about it a few ways. I have the pats system turned off which essentially means I can have any cluster I want in it and it will still work, without that turned off the car won't start. Secondly, I have the back portion of my old GT cluster on the new Cobra faces so the speedo is off but the tach isn't. Both tachs are 8K just looks off with the redline changing but I just like most of yall probably shift by sound. The speedo was off and still is ever so slightly but I compensated for it by changing the tire ratio till it got close. I think even at 70 mph the speedo is spot on. I think it only varies maybe 1 or 2 mph over the range I use (0-100). The biggest problem and it might be the reason I put the Cobra back on the Cobra front is that the odometer is off a bit. In order to fool the speedo it throws off the odometer. I think its like 60 miles off for every 300 so say I get 240 miles on 1 tank its really 300. I have measured it over long trips but I can't remember exactly what it is. I hope my explanation has helped as it threw me for a loop on how to somewhat fix the problem when I got them.
  19. 0i dig it... that looks awesome :nice: