anyone using summit mufflers?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by mike93lx, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. I was thinking about what i want to do for an axhaust and i am thinking about summit mufflers. anyone own them? or heard them? my car is too damn loud and getting a headache on the way back from the track because of the drone is not fun. its not going to get any better with 4.10's either, so i need something quieter.

    i'm thinking about summit mufflers, dynomax superturbo, borla xrs(?), and flowmaster delta 50's

  2. i had the summit turbo mufflers, only 15 bucks a pop, real quiet though, too quiet for might want to try there new 2 chamber though, i bet it sounds pretty good!! only 42 bucks, not bad of a price...
  3. i was thinking about the welded mufflers, but i want to get away from chambered mufflers.

    were the summit turbos louder than stock and did they sound good? i need something quiet mostly so it doesn't attract attention. i have getting stared down by cops and driving around parking lots setting off car alarms is getting old.
  4. yeah i guess they are louder...

    i gave them to my friend who has a stock 95 gt and they are alittle louder, not all the much, i wouldnt buy them for a mustang again
    im gettin one for my toyota pickup..
  5. Just put one on my '92 exploder last night. It's quiet enough that you can barely hear it in the car at idle with 2.5' exhaust from the first cat back. Runs better than with the dynomax one that rusted out after a year.