AOD Pan Studs

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  1. Hey guys, a while back I posted a thread about a company where I bought some nice stainless steel valve cover studs from. I paid 12.00 shipped for them compared to ARP studs at almost 30.00. The studs also came with a nice allen head cast into the stud for easy installation and stainless flanged nuts.

    When I bought these, I inquired about transmission pan studs for the AOD since I always thought it would be nice to have when installing a pan and gasket. Well, he made a kit. It includes 14 studs and flanged nuts and you can get them with the cast in allen head for easy install, or just the standard double sided stud. They are stainless steel.

    The p/n is 2-0821 ($30.00)for the studs with the allen head and p/n 2-0820 (35.00)without.

    If you tell them you are a member of Stangnet when you order, they will ship for free.