Arlington, Texas

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  1. Anyone near Arlington, TX?
  2. I live there. Where the hell do you live man?
  3. I am near Arlington.
  4. South of I-20 between 360 and Great southwest.
  5. Duncanville here.
  6. If you guys are near arlington, there is a meet with local stang netters...

    New Yorker in arlington at I-30 and collins, heres a link to the local forum we started recently:
  7. over in lewisville not quite arlington but still close....
  8. Well all you guys need to come to the meet, it will be great.
  9. I am near Arlington, actually i work in Arlington, and live in Bedford i would love to see about local meets
  10. lewisville here
  11. Im over in Richardson, i think a local meet would be cool
  12. i suggest sanger at the I-35 denton dragway.
  13. Just moved into Fort Worth from West Texas. Anyone ever go to Kennedale on Sunday nights?
  14. Alot of people go to kennedale, I Suggest you visit the forum I posted above for meets, etc. We do kennedale meets, and other get togethers.
  15. Arlington

    I'm at 360 / I-20. Let me know if you guys want to meet up. I'm game. :nice:
  16. I'd like to find out more...but why do you
    have it posted on that other board and not here?
  17. Is there any big events coming up in the TX area?
  18. check out it's a texas based mustang site with a forum. we plan a lot of events in the texas area.

    but anyways...

    i'm in College Station right now, but at the end of the summer i will be moving up to Arlington. I'd like to get together sometime and meet the local stangers of Arlington. see you guys in august! :nice:

  19. Sweet! I am also in Arlington. Haven't really met any local stangers. Wish there was a local hang out on this side of town.