Att'n Pacific Green owners

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  1. I was thinking the other day (it happens once in awhile)...

    I have a decent amount of available web space; I was thinking of collecting pics & info on PG Cobras & putting them up. I'd call it a registry, but I am realaistic about how much time I'd really be able to spend. More like one page per car with options, city/state, maybe the last 6 of the VIN, mods, whatever.

    Our cars are pretty damned cool. The 1st non red/white/black color available for the Cobra was Mystic in '96; the next one was Pacific Green in '97.

    Whattaya think?
  2. Hey man...well i am a proud owner of a 97 pacific green cobra..i have pics if u need them...yeah i know are cars are rare...i dunno what number mine is sorry! Im me or my email is [email protected]

    Kenne Bell Supercharger @ 6psi
    twin 62 mm bbk throttle bodie
    bbk off road H pipe
    frpp 30 lb injectors
    Msd coil packs
    Msd wires
    Centerforce Dual friction plate clutch
    190 lph fuel pump
    Kenne bell boost a pump
    Autometer gauges
    Steeda Tri axe shifter
    Flowmaster 2 chamber mufflers 3 inch chrome tips
    Kenne Bell computer chip
    Pro M 80mm mass air sensor
    Autolite 103's plugs
    Alluminum Drive shaft

    417 rwh and 343 lb ft of torque
  3. Hey fanatic,

    Nice to see some PG brothers. I don't think that people realize how rare our cars are either. I have plenty of pics if you want. The cool thing I found about our cars is that the cops don't give them a second look. Green cars aren't fast!!!!

  4. Hehehe, my wife pointed that out to me, too. "Perhaps there's a good side to not always driving a red car..."
  5. I had a 97 Pacific Green #2442 coupe.. still have some pics around of it.. (it still should be in Hawaii)...
  6. here's mine

    If you do get a site up or what not, email's a pic of mine:nice:
  7. I almost bought a 96' Pacific Green GT in 1996. It had tan leather and SVO side exhaust. I couldn't hang with $415 a month back then. :eek: And I wasn't too keen on those little 4.6's then either.
    Instead I got a used 94' GT(Laser Red) for $13,800, although I did look at a Green 95 GT, but it had the 16inchers on it and I wanted the 17"s.
    Oh, well.
  8. Hi,
    Glad to see a few other pg cobra people out there. I have always had pretty good luck with mine and have a long list of mods including an s-trim. I recently took a few more pics after it rolled 131,000. Can't say I don't like to drive mine.:jester: I had just washed it but it i do like to keep it clean. I'll post the engine sometime.
  9. I love my Pacific Green Cobra. It is different. Great too see a few here.
  10. COOOOLLL!!!

    i was wondering how many PG cobra performance brotheren there were,.nice to see we have a few,.. A site devoted to our cars is awsome,.. email me if you get sum ting goin!!

  11. There has to be more pg owners out there. Five-O don't give up yet. I'm sure more will come along soon. Thanks about the car Five-O. Come on guys lets get the pics and posts on here.
  12. I'm a newbie here and saw this thread, decided to post. I have a pac green cobra. Pics are here.


  13. :shrug: Whatever, I guess I need another server. Sorry again.
  14. I think I may have it. :nice:

  15. I'm a proud owner of a pacific green 97 cobra. I really like the color and it's great for a young kid like myself. I notice that i don't get as many stares from cops. I've seen quite a few green gt's and 6cylinders, but not that many cobra's. I think pg is the best color mustang that ford made.

    [email protected]
  16. Got a 97 PG S/C Cobra up here in the mountains., there is a couple more here in town. If you start a site would be interested in posting some picks. Have won several car shows local and nationals.
    email me if you do
    [email protected]:nice: :cool:
  17. Here is mine. Bad light, I know. The 98 rims were necessary to clear the Brembo brakes. I love these cars. They may not be the most rare color, but I have yet to see another in person.
  18. Here a pic of mine that I posted on Stangnet a couple of days ago.

    I was actually leaving my house yesterday when a Pacific green GT vert drove by...I was like cool...I'm going to rip up beside him... but then I seen a Pacific Green Cobra vert following the GT. So it was Two Pacific Green Cobras side by each & a Pacfic Green GT out front all by chance....thats got to be some kind of record.