Att'n Pacific Green owners

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by fiveofanatic, Jun 17, 2002.

  1. OK, it's not much, but it's a start:

    I need more cars! I have pics & specs from svtmike, but no one else. If anyone else wants in, e-mail me pics & info.
  2. Vegita is PG and I love it see the sig
  3. OK guys, svtmike's car is now up!

    It's one hell of a nice car. Check it out, & send me your pics & info!!!
  4. Thanks so much fiveo for your dedication to the PG owners. I hope to see many more PG owners sending you there info. Super job keep it up. :D
  5. I just bought a 97 PG stang with 30k miles on it last week. I'll take some pictures soon and post them up.
  6. OK, 2 more up, one of which is a monster!

    Anybody got a PG convertible? All of us are coupe owners so far!
  7. :nice: Great job Curt. The cars look great Bob and Kraig. Glad to see some more pg green's on here..
  8. We're up to a half-dozen now, with a few more I've yet to get done. Bob, got any bigger pics? I love the racetrack shots, I moved to AZ from San Jose last summer.
  9. Hey guys I want in- Im gonna take some pics of my car this week and i'll email em. I love seeing how each person does something different to the car.
  10. OK, got another coupe up! I've also just received pics for the site's first Pacific Green convertible, I should have it up later this week.

    You PG owners who have posted in here, if you have 3 good-sized pics, e-mail them to me with your car's info! Use the e-mail link on the PG site front page, I want to get as many of us in it as possible!
  11. :D thanks Curt the site looks great:D :nice:
  12. Another coupe has been posted, this one is going to end up being very rare; he's planning on leaving it stock! :eek: ;)

    I've now got pics of the first PG convertible to contact me so far; I'll bet we never get many more than the one on the site. They are pretty uncommon, only 377 made.
  13. OK!

    The site has finally received an update; we now have two, count 'em, two convertibles!

    The ragtops look so damned good...I'm gonna need me one of those. :D
  14. did I miss this! As soon as I get my steeda rear wing put on I'll take pics...gonna check out the site right now :D
  15. ws65's coupe is now added to the ranks, & he has my wheels! :drool: :drool: :drool:


    Also, belated congratulations to Kraig for getting his PG coupe featured in the May '03 MM&FF "My Muscle Mustang"!

    Any Pacific Green Cobra owners who would like to be added, send me your best pics & info!
  16. I was wondering if i got the last Pacific Green Cobra ever build # is #6930 of 6961...i noticed that Kovatch has #6925 of 6961..But was mine the last???
  17. OK, one of the cars has been updated. Bernie added 18" wheels, making me more envious than I already was!

  18. It's been away for nearly a year. Resurrected for any new PG owners we may have!
  19. I saw a 97 PG cobra conv for $13000 w/56kmiles at a used car lot yesterday.I didnt know the conv were that rare(377),this car would be nice to have but its out of my price range.