Awesome online street racing game!!

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  1. well a friend sent me a link to this game today and it was badass and now im addicted to it!! U have to stage ur car and everything! here a link! its based on a point system and if it asked who referred u put in "blake110106" let me know what cha think. dont know if its a repost or not!

    i have a 321HP ranger that runs [email protected] :D
  2. IT'S A SPAM!!:eek: DON'T CLICK ON IT!!
    hehe looks not bad but I still like my gran turismo 4 better :hail2:
  3. Less game play, more vids.
  4. hey i got some pic now! boy shorts and topless(but has her arm acrss them) oh and its a new girl now!:p

    edit i sent the pics to daggs so i cant get my CT. hes a briber! LOL
  5. So post em up! :D Good to hear that ya got a new girl. Didnt take long at all playa.
  6. kk im pm ya in a few!
  7. Send pics, and that game is just like nitto 1320, old school.
  8. I have a car and a ranger on that game lol.....Look me up on there and we'll race
  9. what's your screen name on there
  10. nevermind it want's me to pay now....
  11. just started a little over an hour ago and already have a high 300 hp ranger that runs 12.3's
  12. I got a Supra that will whoop your guys's ASS. Look up 91foxbody. Got addicted to that a few months ago.

    P.S. It's totally free.....
  13. thats a pretty pathetic time for that much power :rolleyes:
  14. hey ya need to take out the posse writing and just have the image in there!!!

    yea its freaking sweet i love it!
  15. +1 on the pics and its like nitto 1320.

    I have a mini running mid 12's now lol.
  16. pics only to those in posse:p
  17. GAY? ... not really there pics of a girl... and shes Pritty Hot.. God bless this posse:rolleyes:
  18. my name on there is 90Mustang_GT50 no (.) in 5.0 it wouldnt let me use it.. look me up ill race anyone and Lose!
  19. kk looking ya up now!!!

    did u see the pics? if u havent i can send them!:D