Bad Idle Surge on '88 Fox w/Mods

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  1. Code 66 was a continuous memory code, and didnt show in the KOER. Granted, it showed for a reason, but that could have been from starting or running the engine with the MAF sensor unhooked and allowing the code to be logged......Just my experience:nice:
  2. Dan check your alternator and circuits.
  3. hey ya'll, sorry, been off-line for a couple days....i replaced the ECT and ACT w/no improvement. will get back to working on the car tonight again...was unable the last couple days. I am going to fix this thing if it kills me...if i have to gut it and rewire it and throw a carb on it I will!!! more to come. v/r
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    Are the same codes showing up?

    If so, rotate the ECT sensor where its pointing down not up. Then repeat the test at Op temp.
  5. hey guys and (gal), well, i got the car running a little better, but not happy yet....i redid all my EEC splice-work from when i did the MAF conversion...thing is i went ahead and soldered the connections this time (it makes a difference)...still getting a little idle surge though and the idle doesn't drop as quick as it should when letting off the gas. am next going to relocate the ECT since it is still throwing a code even after I rotated it upside down as suggested (by the way, it is a new sensor, so is the ACT). Might try seeing what a different computer does when hooked up too since i have a friend who has one lying aroud. not sure what else to do, i have tuned the crap out of that thing. will post results. :)
  6. just for diagnostic purposes. Remove the sending unit for the Gauge reading, and screw the ECT sensor in its spot. Block of the fitting you had the ECT sensor in. You may have to lengthen the ECT wires. Then Run the KOER test and see what happens.
  7. hello again, well, hate to admit this, but not sure what the sending unit for the gauge is....also, i have edelbrock rpm performer II upper and lower intake....not stock. v/r
  8. Sending unit for the gauge should be right behind the Distributor, has one single wire on top of it. If its a stock gauge unit.