Bad News for 65stanger

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  1. I'm considering a Manchester (CT.) road trip next Jan or Feb if anyone's interested......possibly do some parts shopping at MU.

    I need to go there before I start ordering interior parts, I want to check out carpet and upholstery colors before I buy anything....................

    DAMN! Now fuzzy sound like interior decorator! :doh:
  2. Don't forget a little paint, some flowers, a few through pillows....
  3. I was meanin' to saysomething, there, big guy :p
    You gonna start working on winter floral arrangements next??? :lol:

    Anywhat, I've only a little time on here..... gotta get my camping and fishing gear together; we leave at 1700 local for Lake Cuyamaca. Gotta get munchies, porpane, PowerBait and Krill gel. Gonna go catch me some Rainbow!!!!! :drool: :D

    EDIT: I thought about what I just typed after posting..... Rainbow are Rainbow TROUT! Smaller relative of the salmon family. THE SuperDave knows all about those guys.
  4. I may sell my rallypac for say $228:rolleyes:
  5. ...a nice beaded curtain...........:nice:
    Uh huh, sure! You GO big guy!:lol:
  6. DAMMIT!

    :bang: :fuss:
    I KNEW I was forgetting something when we left the Cape this afternoon!:doh:
    Not that we would've had any room on the ride back, especially after stopping in New Bedford to p/u the fuel tank for Dan's friend......poor Deanna is going to be unfolding herself for days after we wedged her between the backseat and the front seats coming home!:nonono:

    BUT.....a good time was had by all!:nice:
  7. This is me trying not to make any jokes
  8. It's comments like that which have gotten you tagged as a rabid leg humper.:nono:

    FINAL WARNING!!! Stay away from Deanna......there's AT LEAST half a dozen "seniors" here (plus Chelle) who'll put a serious hurting on you if you don't!:mad:

  9. hahahah....thats my first comment like that ever.....i said it just to make ya'll look like senile leg humpers
  10. :bs:
    Time to change your stink of it!:nono:
  11. if you're gonna throw the BS flag, you should quote something to prove it :D
  12. Gotta admit that was a little below the belt. :shrug:
  13. i cant tell whose comment was worse...yours or mine haha

    see what working with a ton of perverted guys at work has done to me
  14. (Trying to be as polite as possible) Your last comments are so far over the line that the line is no longer in the same Zip Code. Hammer we "old guys" all you want; our children are sacred. Period.
    No further explanations are necessary.

    (Although I have to say it would be rather fun to see you aim comments like those at Cowgirl Tink. More accurately, the fun part would be "running" the betting pool regarding the exact number of pieces in which she left your lifeless carcass.)

    An apology (posted on this page) to Mustangurl2695 would be quite appropriate at this point.
  15. Don't waste your breath on the child, just do what I have done and add him to your ignore list.:nonono:

    I will add however, based upon his comments here, it's no wonder he's still a virgin.:nonono:
  16. :owned:
  17. Maybe that hood hitting his roof awhile back gave his noggin a floggin' and he's not thinking straight.

    - Never drive 80 MPH with your hood latched down with a bungee cord and bailing twine.
  18. hahaha....ya, i was pretty dumb. comment was not direct towards mustanggirl in anyway, nor should i have been taken that way. However, I do apologize to her.

    Never knew that making silly comments towards 65stanger was going to start a flame war. And two, my comment was VERY general on purpose so that it could have meant a hundred things and in fact, i did not even mean it to mean any one certain thing....merely to do what i always kid around and do...try to make the old guys look perverted as the old guys try to make us young guys look inexperienced.

    Lastly, I will add....that would have been my first comment EVER even written the way it was....If you reread, my comments are always harmless and meant to have fun.
  19. From now on, I will stay out of old geezer fun and make sure to try and not make any jokes, puns, fun, etc.
  20. Krash, I still love that picture, I smile every time I see it:D