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  1. Most people can't tell a 351W from a 302 without a tape measure, so you could actually tell them that your 427 is just a built up 302. If the deep ground shaking rumble doesnt give it away when you start it up, they deserve to remain ignorant anyway.
  2. I have seen a C4 bellhousing for the 335/385 series engines. I just can't remember if it was stock or aftermarket. I saw it on E-bay. With the evergrowing popularity of the C4 and its capabilities, I'm almost 100% certain there is a C4 bellhousing casted for thses engines now. :nice:
  3. what is wrong with those people:rolleyes:

  4. That's interesting because

    I know some M blocks came with the SBF bell pattern, mayhaps Ford also made some C4 bells to fit the 385.

    I guess the search would be for a C4 behind a 351/400 M.
  5. You know... :scratch: I have neglected, over the years of junking the '70s tuna sainers, to actually pay attention to what was bolted to the 351Ms and 400Ms they used in the cars. I'm willing to bet i may have watched one go by without even so much as a thought as they were covered in grease and I just wanted the scrap weight. I do remember though, the vast majority of the 335 series trannys were the Cast Iron bodied boat anchor FMXs or the better C6s. What I never understood was the FMX. The cars were already porker tuna boats that got horrible gas milage and they opt to use a heavy cast iron 3 speed trans.... :nonono: ... there's just no sense in that.

    Now the 351C (considered a 335 series engine) was strictly a 289-302-351W bellhousing pattern but it came with either a C4, C6, or FMX.
  6. A Dynamic-built C4 trans bolted to an 800hp big block in a II would be.. neat. heh heh heh.

  7. for the first run or II, then the left front tire would never touch the ground again
  8. a supercharged 3.8 is quite impressive. 290 hp at the wheels in my convertible (stock internals), I would imagine it would be sufficient in a II and still leave some room to change the spark plugs.
  9. Roof wrinkles? haha