BBK SSI Intake Fuel Leak Problems. SAVE YOURSELF!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by t.o.93_GT, Mar 17, 2007.

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  1. Just to verify, the 5010 rail kit has been out for a year now, but like the above post says, it doesn't work with SSI intakes.

    However, the following instructions explain how to adapt a set of the 5010 rails to work with an SSI intake for those who would like to know.

    These are the same instructions I sent to Nick's to help resolve the issue at hand.

    Here's how I made my SSI work without the crossover tube. I did this to prototype the SSI-R which will have a specific rail kit. (This kit does not exist at this time and is not going to be available for a few months).

    The SSI-R upper will not allow a regulator to mount on the rails underneath it so for inital preproduction testing I remote mounted my reg off to the side.
    I'm still using the crossover tube, but this would work with a rear crossover such the one in our universal rail kit just the same.

    Parts you will need to achieve this-

    BBK 5010 universal rail kit (crosses over in the rear with push on fittings and fuel line hose. NOT BRAIDED)

    Aeromotive or other remote mountable (stand alone) fuel pressure regulator.

    The following items I sourced from paste the part #'s into the search window on their site for more info

    1/16" - 27 NPT tap

    1/16" pipe plug

    1/2" I.D. push on style fuel line hose (or braided if you like) with enough length to get from the back of the intake manifold to wherever your remote mounted regulator's input will be.
    Parker Pusk Lok- barbed T-fitting for 1/2" I.D. hose TEE&subcatid=10193&viewtype=1&sMode=Details Part # 224-8

    According to Parker, you can purchase that T fitting from Wainbee @ (905) 568-1700

    To make this all work

    You will need to tap the flow hole in the top of the passenger side rail, then thread the pipe plug into the hole. That will stop fuel from exiting that hole where the reg. should be. Be sure to blow any chips out of the rail before continuing

    Install the rails per the included instructions, but cut a section of the crossover hose out and put the Parker T in-line.

    Take consideration as tho the routing of the reg feed hose as it comes off of the remaining barb. You will want it pointing either up or down as it probably will not clear the firewall or would require a sharp bend in the hose if it points at a 45 degree angle.

    Connect the remote regulator feed line to the remaining barb on the T fitting.

    Connect the regulator return to tank line to the factory return line using the BBK supplied Spring Lock fitting.
  2. all this talk about instructions is bringing me back to my first design job where I had to create installation instructions for a roof-rack company (SportRack)... hehe "if you make something idiot proof - they come up with a better idiot" I loved that saying back then... (note: I'm not saying anyone here is an idiot, just thought I'd share a funny phrase)

    Now I want the SSI intake...
  3. No one seems to care it cost me an extra $300 bucks to fix this. :shrug:
  4. All that gyrating leaves me wondering is this really ready for prime time yet?

  5. Custom labor can be expensive.

    I think most guys here would be interested to know how much the actual parts required to fix this cost.
  6. Hey Jeff, that is good to hear. Unfortunately for me, it took 2 shops, new o-rings from bbk, shimming instructions and more to finally come up with a braided line solution that BBK had previously made work on their initial designed. Win some you lose some, looks like i lost this battle because i had to foot the bill to repair it. I guess its better than have to replace the car had it caught on fire and burnt down.

    The BBK SSI intake should not be made available to the public until there is a proper solution that can be shipped from BBK to stop fuel leaks from occurring. o-rings get old and brittle, its only a matter of time before it leaks.

    Yup, custom labor can be expensive. These extra costs were incurred because i had to fix a product that hasn't worked right from the beginning. :nonono: :nonono:

    I don't know what the specific parts cost, i would like to know myself and i do believe the forum members would like to know.
    I am sure Bryan that you have an idea, so why not tell us ? I can tell you the additional cost to call it good with nick was an additional $300. I am sure it is cheaper to do the braided crossover, but i have a feeling there was more costs associated to the labor of toying with o-rings to stop this intake from leaking.

    My opinion of this whole ordeal is, this BBK SSI intake is NOT worth the money! It hasn't been worth it for me.

    Summit Racing had offered to take the intake back due to the fuel leak / liability concerns, no strings attached,they said cash back and or i could opt for another intake.

    Maybe that would have been the right course of action? I cant answer that yet, but i can tell you i will never recommend this intake to anyone, nor will i purchase another BBK SSI Intake.

    An intake should NOT require custom work to get it working right, especially custom work to stop fuel from leaking. :nice: FIRE HAZARD BBK!!

    Plenty of times you guys have dodged my comments or concerns and not ONCE did you call me, i called you.
    In fact, on every update it required me calling you to see what is happening. In fact, when i called the one time and i said "hi its Rick", you thought i said Nick and started yapping about how the customer is already posting on forums etc, this was 1 call after you told me you DON'T surf the forums.
    Then you appeared here to save face, go figure.

    The reality is, you developed a product i purchased from a reseller that is dangerous and should NOT be on the market.
    This again is from what i have seen and experienced with the product i personally bought and own from BBK.

    I appreciate the help to get it fixed, but i don't appreciate having to fix YOUR design flaw. Who would ?

    So, i will stand by my original thread title, BBK SSI INTAKE FUEL LEAK - SAVE YOURSELF! Because if you don't know, this products defects could result in property damage and or even death.

    I am not the only customer seeing this and in fact, you mysteriously have a solution for this dodgey cross over tube.

    One thing nice to say about this intake is it looks great, other than that, you know where my concerns are placed.

    As for your comments on the phone about slander and how you guys don't take it lightly. I still believe your comments online were directed at me and obviously re establishing your firm stance on the phone was directed to me. You want my lawyers information, send a pm and we can go from there BBK. Understand, any form of mitigation from here on in will only be at the conference table talking through lawyers :nice: But hey, whatever you want. I am not scared to make something out of this leaking BBK SSI Intake.

    In the end Bryan, at least you will know to NOT sell me a product that is a fire hazard again. :canada:

    But yea, custom work is expensive BRYAN ROGERS. Thanks for everything :nice:
  7. No offense to the previous post I installed this intake myself in one day. I have never installed and intake before and I had no problems and its been one year no with leaks. :canada:
  8. Thats awesome to hear. :nice:

  9. If think you are going to find someone to feel sorry/sympathize with you over your expenses, you aren't going to get it from me.

    Summit offered to return/exchange a unit that you /your shop found to be dissatisfactory.

    Instead of doing that, you decided to have various mechanics attempt to repair the problem at your expense.

    If anything, you did weed out the shop that was either incapable or unwilling to do the job.

    I applaud Nick's for taking the job. As you know from experience, some shops won't do anything that's not a straight forward job.

    Obviously, Nick's is a great place to go for anyone who wants to have a shop work on/ customize their car.

    I did the best I could for you and Nick's to help come to a solution to the problem that you could've easily resolved by utilizing Summit's generous return policy.

    As far as monetary investment in this endeavor goes, I'll have you know that BBK invested about $150 worth of my time to help you figure out how to customize our product to your desires. Even after Nick's go it to work with the O-rings I sent out.

    The day you say I didn't call you back was the day I spent researching those items on the web, writing those instructions, and even I went so far as to contact the manufacturer of the brass T (which isn't easy to find) to locate a dealer for that part that was close to you. Since you are the other side of the continent, your day begins and ends hours before mine and it may have seemed like I wasn't going to contact you at all as the time went by so I understand.

    I sat here for the good part of a day re-designing our fuel rail kit for your unique problem on the BBK time clock working for you.

    Most any other company would've told you to exchange the product and that would've been the end of it.

    No Sir, only after sending you the email that i would not settle for press fitting did i call Summit and speak with a manager in regards to the faulty BBK SSI intake. I filed a complaint, it was added to my account there. They further said that if i had any problems that i could return it and BBK would have no say in the matter.

    This was my exact email to you that evening:

    If you notice i mention my NEXT step. I wasn't about to tell you characters that i was starting to contemplate sending it back, you would have tossed in the towel and i would have been in no better position.

    Again, you left me no back up plan other than to look for an exit strategy from this faulty intake from BBK.

    I did weed out one shop that apparently "forgot" o-rings, and one lousy product that is VERY capable of causing a fire. That is exactly what i learned.

    I should have sent it back based off the quality. This intake here is a fire waiting to happen and if i were you, i too wouldnt acknowledge that (like you've been ignoring this whole time).
    If someone wants to take a chance with this intake, and risk old brittle o-rings after 2-3 years and a car fire, go for it. At least this situation is documented and they have something to back them up.

    You should have spent MORE of you BBK time making it right, not sticking the customer with garbage. What makes me laughis you make it sound like you sat around doing this for me, you had it already done!!

    You didn't sit around designing this for me, it was already done..LOL Even when we spoke about this on the phone you spoke about how you had done this exact setup in the past!

    The thing i find funny is that there is going to be a kit available. That many complaints eh. If i was in your position i too would try and resolve leaking fuel issues before you get a class action against BBK due to the faulty BBK SSI Intake.

    Anyways, no, no sympathy needed.

    I had to pay $300 to fix a BBK SSI intake that leaked fuel out of my own pocket. Stuff happens but if i can steer some customers away from potentially being hurt from this product, then its all worth it. Not everyone is a mechanic or knows to expect this, so, i hope for the future people will search and find this thread in Google and read up (and i'm sure they will)

    Oh, and most other companies wouldn't sell a product that is dangerous! Ethics is far and few between these days. You got paid, be happy. I suppose its worth it for you to know you got to stick it to a customer because of a shoddy product.

    For the most part, i am done here. Thanks to everyone who private messaged me and essentially predicted the outcome. :) Thanks stangnet for allowing me to show this post, exceeding 1500 views, and thank you to BBK for making a pretty, non functional BBK SSI Intake that leaks fuel :p


    PS. ill be waiting for the slander lawsuit.

    oh and...

    does my fuel rails have warranty since its a modification you suggested performed by a licenses mechanic who specializes in Mustangs?
  11. Your read/listen to talk/post ratio is way off.

    If you had read and listened to what I had said you wouldn't be making such false statements right now. In fact, if you read what YOU have posted carefully, I think you might realize that you are presenting yourself if a very unlikable manner.

    The harder you try to make us look like we did something wrong, the worse you look.

    You have clearly overlooked some of the hard facts (written in this thread) in an effort to make yourself look like a victim.

    I have my personal car set-up with a similar rail kit to accommodate the upcoming SSI-R box type upper intake which I will be testing on it when it comes off of the CNC machine. I did it 1 time on my car. There were no instructions since the rail kit that I am using will not be used in the R kit.

    I wrote those instructions FOR YOU in an effort to help YOU. Before I heard from you, those did not exist. Again, you are trying sooo hard to make me/us look bad for whatever reason.

    There has never been a need to re-design or "fix" the rail kits.

    I know you've responded to people here who are not related or associated to BBK in any manner that have had 0 trouble installing the SSI intake

    You don't "file a complaint". You exchange the product. (Clearly, your mind is set to complaint mode.)

    There has been 0 negative feedback other than yours (which has now become frivolous IMO) regarding the rails.

    No fires, no complaints,. Just you and your bullheaded desire to derail this intake or it's reputation.

    I'm glad you keep posting though. It highlights your eccentricity.
  12. All I can say is wow.
  13. To everyone else.

    Rest assured that nothing in this thread is going to change how BBK handles tech support or customer service. We will always strive to make the customer happy or at least lead him in the right direction.

    I'm sure you can see that it is sorta difficult to handle a customer who takes a dump in your mouth everytime you open it to offer help.

    Nothing I can do or say(or have said and done) is going to keep this from being his rampage.

  14. Again, my $300 was spent fixing your design. You can try and discredit me all you like in this thread. It doesn't negate the fact that your design of the intake cross over tube for the fuel rails is flawed! It LEAKED FUEL and very believeable that it will catch your car on fire.

    The only person who got crapped on was me with the extra costs.

    Don't worry. You call it a rampage all you like, i prefer to look at it as enlightening the community.

    Do i still have warranty on my fuel rails? Stop dodging Bryan :nono:

  15. I am locking this thread because it is going in a bad direction. Since the problem was solved lets leave it at that.
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