BEFORE you butcher a 4 eye... (56k beware)

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  1. Look at this thread... Two aero-nose conversion threads a week has gotten me thinking. I'm counting on a lot of the four-eyed Mustang/Capri fans on here to help me out and post up the pics of the nicest four eyed cars they've seen. Since we grew up idolizing the aero-nosed phenom known as the 87-93 Mustang, I don't think a lot of guys my age (23) and younger realize how nice these cars can be made to be with the same amount of work as just slapping an 1987-1993 aero-nose on there and calling it a day.

    Some may be reluctant to listen to me considering I don't own a four-eyed Mustang myself (but I definitely will one day)... but the pictures to follow will speak for themelves. I'm not attempting in any way to tell people what to do with their own vehicles. I'm simply helping some guys make an informed decision. In fact, I encourage anyone to do what they love to their own cars and cruise with their heads held high.

    Maybe ~Frankenstang~ would be willing to make this a sticky if it generates some interest? :shrug: And let the leg humping begin...


    add your favorite four-eyed pics!

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  2. The 82 Red GT gets my vote. I always thought the 2 eye's looked nicer. But the 4 eye's are growing on me.
  3. 1st and 3rd car are my favorite by far. Let see if i have any pictures to add...
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  4. :drool: i have 2 pics of the 3rd car hanging on my wall. GAWD those are some SEXY cars!
  5. I have pics of the second car (red '82 GT) somewhere, it was on eBay a while back; if I had money I would've jumped on it.

    And the last one is just... :drool:
  6. acouple of my favs

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  7. i agree with the "save the four eyed" movement. I bought a "converted" 84 notch roller. some day I will convert it back.
  8. I like 4 eyes if they are completely perfect. They can't have flaking paint, faded paint etc. Most of them around here are rough or original and need restoration. The ones above are sweet. I changed over Hack Job because I love 87-93 cars.
  9. well, it would take a hardcore purist to give you any trouble for converting hack job... the thing just turned out too nice to **** about hahah, you left no detail unaddressed... and besides, you saved a car that would otherwise more than likely be on its way to a crusher... of course, i'd ALWAYS rather see a mustang converted than crushed if given the choice

    post more pics guys!! (?)
  10. imo i love the 4 eyes. but its there car. let them do what they want with it. there were over a million fox bodys made. just makes yours that much rarer. FAR worse could be done with them. and if the swap is done right then whats the big deal...ANYONE who says no 4 eye to areo swap but yet you love svt's 81 coupe then YOU need to retract your statement of his being suck a nice car. after all. it was a complete swap. but was done 190% al the way and looks amazing. just again. its there car. there not asking for your opinion on to flame me or not. just answer the question of whats needed to do it and if you dont like what there wanting to do then simple. dont respond in there thread.
  11. dude, did you read a single word i wrote in the original post or the response to Matt about hack job? no one is flaming anyone for anything, nor is anyone telling anyone what to do with their vehicles, what are you even talking about???
  12. yes. whole thing. first sentence is why i said that. just saying. them other threads people were getting worked up about it.

    i love 4 eyes. we have one. hell i used to have one.
  13. 86gt.jpg

    my first car =] miss it. =[




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  14. i guess i took your post the wrong way, Ryan, i'm sorry... it sure felt like a personal attack... but yeah, that blue vert is clean man, is that the one you and your pops worked on?

    but yeah, this thread was intended to educate guys to the potential of the four eyed cars, whatever anyone does once they realize that potential is their own business... your ride, your choice :nice:
  15. HPIM1377.jpg

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  16. My inspiration for un-converting my Capri...



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  17. ok i love aero compared to 4 eyed,but those are some clean ol' whips!!!!!!!!!
    i hate to see people converting the four eyed to aero because there isnt a shrtage of aeros yet nd the four eyes are fading out......but in all honestly not my car,not my money,and not my conversion so i really have no say.......:flag:
    rather see them dediate time to make a nice fox then souping up a civic or etc???

  18. yupp. we needed it. me and my dads relationship at the point was going down hill and down hill fast. it helped alot.

    it was in horible shape but ran strong with 232,xxx on it.

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  19. I absolutely love this car. I know the guy who built it and it a sweet four eye for sure, definitely in my top 5 four eye cars I've ever seen.


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