Best k member with stock A arm and springs

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  1. Yes thats what i been saying, I have adjustable struts so even so still don't care for coilovers.
  2. PA Racing here I believe they're supposed to have the most header clearance. I got the K member A-arms coil over and no complaints here

  3. Talk to a foxbody owner that runs his coiled over car on the street as a daily driver and he'll tell you they suck. I love shedding weight where you can but the ride and noise is enough to make me go with the stock a arms without thinking twice. I've seen three guys that have regretted going coilover on a street car, one even sold off all his tub k and coilover setup for a stock a arm'd tub k because he couldn't stand it
  4. Satanas, great information. I'm new to the 5.0 scene (never had a V8) and I was debating on going the coilover route. I will be calling Qa1 tomorrow if their open. I just want to swap the kmember and leave the a arm and stock shocks alone.
  5. QA1 moves the wheels forward 1", can be a problem with 90 and below fox dependingon what wheel and tire combo you use.

    If the proper spring is used up front coilovers are just fine in a dd street car.

    Havent busted a shock tower yet on bumper dragging wheel stands....I can understand being worried with all the filler, one reason I didnt fill all my holes even though I love the look.
  6. IMO, you are wasting your time and money buying a k member at all.
    From what i've seen (and experienced with aje) they all suck except griggs and Maximummotorsports.

    Either go all in, or don't do it at all.
    It's going to cost you 4 times as much to use a high quality k.

    And as someone with a k member, it doesn't really help with working on anything, in theory it does, but when you get under there, the same stuff is exposed as with the stock k.