Mach 1 Best mods for the $$$?

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  1. I ve kinda been looking at wanting to do some performance mods....power/tq wise.I know lt's would be good but what else is there to do without doing sc/nos?maybe in the $1k range.Im been looking at lt's,tuner, and/or whatever alse there might be.Im still new to the Mach.I know gears are best bang but it wont see the track enough for that..nearest track is 1.5-2hrs away.
  2. My plans are for 4.10s and the PHP intake spacer...most Mach 1 owners swear by it as the one mod that really works.
  3. Thx for the link.I just dont know what kind of bolt-ons are available for the Mach yet.As for the 4.10's I dont think I wanna go that high right now,maybe 3.73/3.90's but until I need new tires Im not gonna mess with gears.The tires that came on it are new and they suck for traction...I can get sideways in 2nd when I hit about 4.5k on the tach.As for mid pipes what type do I need to look for,by that I mean when loooking do I look at the ones for GT's,Cobras. or ones that say only Mach?Im currently looking at the Pypes catted X,mainly cause its only $259 and when my warranty on the car is gona in a couple yrs then Im gonna do LT's or mid lengths and would need a new mid.So for the price of the Pypes it will do until then.
  4. You'll buy the midpipe that falls under the GT. The Intake Spacer will gain you some torque. After the Headers their isnt much to do except get into Cams, Heads, Intake Manifold. The Tuner will get you a nice gain in the mid-teens with horsepower and torque once its dynotuned. Some people buy a bigger throttle body, but if you ask me their more trouble than their worth for the Mach. Some people have success with them, but quite afew have hanging RPM and throttle problems.
  5. I too would have thought 4.10's might be a bit steep til I drove my wife's 01 GT with 4.10s and my 02 Gt with 3.73 - night and day difference.
    And with the rev happy 4V now, I wouldn't hesitate to go with 4.10s...hell, 4.30s wouldn't be out of the question...but I'm still thinking about a blower.
    Good advice from CrzyHrse.
  6. How much did your mpg suffer?I would guess that at 70 your running about 3k or just under...with 4.10's
  7. With 4.10's at 70 you'll be at 2,600RPM. At 80 you'll be at 3,000RPM.
  8. Really,thats not bad,right now I believe at 70 im sitting at 2100 rpm's...hmm,only a 500rpm diff,not too bad.Would those give me some more pull in the 2000-4000 range,stock or at least I beleive its still stock gears it seems a lil weak in that rpm range,but 4k+,wow,you can really feel it pull.But like I said under 4k it seems weak to me.

    Also how's the traction gonna be with 275's on the back,I only have stock size bullits from what I can tell.The highest gear I have ever had in any car was 3.73's.

    One other thing is there someone on the forums that can run a carfax for me,I think it may have taken a minor hit before.Why?Cause I noticed tonight that it may have different headlights,one smoked and the other clear...Ill have to check it in the sunlight but im sure they dont exactly match.

    And thx for all the help and info,this is only my 2nd stang/Ford ever..was always Z28's and TA's before.My old GT never saw any performance mods..:notnice: but this one will for sure,I love these Mach's.
  9. I also wanted to ask how do these Mach's take with SC's on the stock motor,will it kill it if I dont get it built.Im not thinking about it right now but in a couple yrs after the warranty is gone Im gonna be thinking power..:D.Im not looking to be outrageous but add some more umph.

    Also when you mentioned the tuner/dyno for more not quiet sure what you mean.Are you meaning the tuner combined with a shop dyno or just more hp with the tuner.Ive been thinking of a tuner,either SCT or Diablo but I dont know wnything about tuners at all there isnt a dyno shop in the area,I would have to go to Houston or possibly Waco.

    And did you know anythink about the Pypes catted X ($200-$250 depending on where I get it),Im wanting something besides the stock pipe but dont wanna spend a whole lot on it.Like I said when the warranty is gone Im gonna do most likely JBA mid length headers and a good catted H pipe.
  10. I'm still running the stock 3.55's so I don't know about SOTP feel with 4.10's. I just did a search for the RPM/MPH. I've really come close to buying a set of 4.10's, but still have'nt yet. $250 for a catted X-pipe is pretty cheap (Not saying it's a bad midpipe, that's just a cheap price). I bought my Bassani catted X which was $490, but I luv it. The tuner combined with the dynotune should net you in the mid teens RWHP/RWTQ. SCT just came out with the SCT 3. Not sure what advantages that one has over the SCT 2 and Diablo. I have a Diablo, but I bought it way back over 3 years ago when they were still a very new tuner. 275's are a good middle of the road aftermarket tire. I don't see why you would have any problems with them. If it was me I'd have a bigger rim with that size tire, but quite afew people have stock rims with that size tire. I just got some 17X9 AFS rims and put some 265's on them. Could'nt find 275's in Nitto's anywhere, so I got some Toyo T1R's.
  11. long tubes are bets bang for the buck besides a power adder.

    If you want cheaper stuff, go off road h pipe, intake spacer, gears and drag radials.
  12. 4.10s here and still getting 18mpg city. Most sotp change to date. php spacer altered my curve a bit but not anything that would be noticed by itself. A good tune will go a looooong way even with nealy stock machs. I am going round and round with the LT deciscion myself. I want them but am afraid as soon as I get them installed the trans is going to die.
  13. Same on the LT's,thats why I think Im gonna do mid lengths,only downside is that far as I know Its only JBA or Bassani and you have to use one of their mid pipes.But at least you can oull the tranny without pulling the headers.
  14. That's why I'm glad I have the Bassani midpipe. If I ever get headers I don't have to change anything. From the threads I've seen on people that have gotten the mid-lengths you don't get quite the increase like Long Tubes, like 10RWHP or so for mid-lengths and 15RWHP or so for Long Tubes.
  15. I thought mid lengths required thier own mid pipe,not the ones for shorty headers.All the ones I have seen listed on JBA or bassani site i think listed only x pipes,I think Im gonna get a H pipe for shorties and then get it custom for the JBA mids.I would rather lose 5hp than have to take em out to get the tranny out.
  16. As far as LT's go, Kooks, Stainlessworks and American Racing clears both auto and manual trans. Lt's do dyno 2-5rwhp more that mid lengths on a n/a big deal though. When u add a power adder, the difference may be a bit more though.
  17. Ok I know Kooks are good,but pricey,but I have never heard of the other 2,how good are they?And by clearing the trans you do mean pulling it with the Lt's still in right?
  18. mid lengths arent worth it....some people have installed them and seen only 1 hp gain. If your going to go through all the hastle of installing them, just do long tubes and be done with it. if the trans takes a crap, so be it. Youve got to pay to play the game.
  19. Are you sure about that,I have seen a few cobras and a couple GT's with the JBA mids on them and they really arent that much shorter than LTS and quiet abit longer than shorties.and a couple of the GT's that had them I had talked to them and they claimed more hp than 1 on the dyno,and Ive known them for a few yrs and trust them.They told me that they were just a lil shorter on hp than lt's they had on other GT...or at least thats what one person I know told me.I mean 1hp doesnt seem right...they are just abit shorter so the tranny can clear them...but not by much from the looks of them.

    And my reason for thinking mids is that I work on my own car...I don not trust most shops in my area.I am disabled and it takes me alot longer to do the same than what it would take a normal person,so if i had to pull the tranny and the LT' looking at about 3-4 times longer than normal.

    But if you please could direct me to some info as to what you have stated I would greatly appreciate it.Thx.