Blown65, Hows the project??

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  1. Just wanted to see how your new found power adder was coming along?
  2. Getting close to getting the motor back together. All the parts are back from the machine shop, just waiting on a few small parts. Maybe by week end it will be much closer, at least to the point of ordering the pushrods it needs. :)

    Cage is in and ready though. Interior is at the shop getting done also. Lots of hrs after work soon for me.
  3. Good deal! Mine hits the track tomorrow. I just hope for some decent numbers and no
  4. Cool. I'm selling my carb and going EFI. Just wanted something a little more reliable on the street and the Fast XFI is such a nice piece I couldn't resist anymore. LOL Plus the safety of it auto correcting for A/F on a blown deal is kinda piece of mind.

    Still a good month away though, but I'm in no hurry. Last build on this car, just going to enjoy it from here on out.
  5. im for sure looking down the road toward fast now.
  6. got mine all ordered and on the way. Ill let ya know how it works bout, but I'm sure it will be just fine.
  7. Got quite a bit done today, most all the interior is back in except for the passenger side where some wiring has to run to the trunk. Fuel cell and fuel pump in, gotta get some rubber or something for isolating the pump but for now its fine.

    Few pics, ignore the mess of battery wiring and interior wiring, haven't got to that point yet.



  8. Looking good! I have got to get off my but and tear my heads off to fix the gasket. Doing it wendsday. told the old lady to be a slave driver.. You have any idea when you will make it to the track?

    On another note, i bought a new daily driver.
    Let the hate mail began. lol
    07 Z51
    Pretty damn fun to say the least.

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  9. lol, buying something like that would cut into my car fund. heh
  10. good news is, im paying the same as i was for the 05 GT.. so it all pretty much broke even.
  11. Fired off yest, sounds ****en. :)


    couple more fittings come in today and then some road test/tuning.
  12. Powder coated intake and valve covers?

    Looks awesome! :nice:
  13. Yup, they are powdercoated. Really glad I did the intake, after getting the wiring in for the EFI and the fabric jacketing it really made it all disappear.

    annodized the fuel rails and other parts black along with all the fuel fittings etc etc. Probably do the discharge tube but not sure, its stainless so no worries rusting anyhow.
  14. That may be true but a set that were done wrong, would stick out like a sore thumb. THAT'S what got my attention. Great job! :nice:

    An off-the-cuff suggestion? Powder coat that preesure pipe that holds your BOV to tie it all in.
  15. any estimated numbers?
  16. Hoping for 800+ RWHP but really just shooting for a 8.99 timeslip and still be a street car. :)

  17. Ya, that's the plan, just trying to get it all together for the 16th of this month. Last track day here and want to make a few easy passes to check the tuning. If its all good I might make a full pass, but mostly just 330-1/8 mile stuff.
  18. Best of luck man.. Nice to see it running!
  19. I have a couple things to work on, then im heading out for a day or two of testing for the OCT 15 grudgefest at sacramento.