Broke my Baby today

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  1. JR my plan is to get my car running with this stock 74 block then, start on a DART block motor, 4.125" or larger bore, 2.75" journal I know I am taking a chance but I could not swing the DART at this time just way to much going on (fully building the car, chassis 25.5 possibly, all new parts and getting married), I went in head first and I want to run next NMRA season. I know a lot of guys that have run stock blocks pushing the power I plan to make (800-1000+) and the key is the machine work and tolerances, some tricks, just need it to last till I can afford the better block.

    From what I know about the DART, they need to be gone over and checked like any block for a high performance motor should be (align hone, hone lifter bores, final hone or bore, deck or atleast check for flatness) Brian had the best price I could find on a DART block :nice:

    Good Luck with what ever you decide..
  2. those pics are crazy, that's a story you will be telling for awhile
  3. Rick, I can get a 69 boss block but once I go through all the machine work it looks like I would be close to what a standard bore dart block would cost me. I've read a couple places where guys said their Dart block was pretty nice right off the crate and only needed a little bit of finishing touches.

    Wonder what the largest cubes I could go to on a 4" bore would be.....

    Be carefull with that sock block. I didn't think I would be pulling the motor out untill next year, and then I thought it would be just for a freshen up.....

    Brian, need a YS trim? Work out a deal on a block with ya. :)
  4. Ouch. Thats crazy how much damage occured.
    I am a little worried about my 408 stock block holding together road racing it.
    When I pull my motor this winter I think I will double an triple check the tolerances again. Seeing these pics make me nervous, one second everything is fine and going good, and then the next second everything is bent and broken.

    Why no Main Support System?
  5. 408

    Hey dude i have a 69 351 block that has been hottanked, magged, and nocthed for a 408 i also have eagle h beam rods and BRC flattop forged pistons for the block. I even have A GT40 lower 351w intake new in box,cloydes double roller timing set let me know if you want to make a deal.
  6. JR,
    Ouch. My condolences to your late motor. Those bottom end pictures look like random scrap metal. I hope you put that pony wheel money away in the piggy bank; you're gonna need it :D Good luck with whatever you decide to do with it though. Im keeping my fingers crossed for a modular swap(it's probably one of the coolest things you can to with a Fox), but then again I have to keep my fingers crossed to find time to do basic maintenence on my car.
  7. could someone post the pics again or send them to me at [email protected]? I'm wanting to see what happened,

    any updates on your plans onefaststang? :flag:
  8. pics

    yeah the pics arent working for me sorry can you post em or email to [email protected]
  9. I'm not sure, but I think the navigator crank is forged. If it were me, I would try the three valve heads from the new f-150. Add a sheetmetal intake, some good rods and that turbo, it should be a monster.

    The only drawback is that custom cams might be hard to get.
  10. sorry guys. I pulled all the pics. I caqn try and find some tonight after work.
  11. no problem onefast, whenever you have time :flag:

    God bless :D
  12. Hey OneFast, what stuff, if any, are you still selling? I am always looking for something new to put on the stang...
  13. yea...let use know whats for you think you would be selling the intake??
  14. Everything that was for sale is long gone. This post is pretty old guys. Got a whole new setup in the works, and already underway. I've already begun building the turbo setup.

    I do have a set of 15x10 draglites with 28x11.5 et streets on them for sale. Keeping the fronts though.
  15. are you building the turbo setup yourself? I'm a member of so I've been considering building myself one as soon as I can my argon/CO2 setup for my MIG welder. I now HATE flux core welding! What size single are you planning on running?
  16. hey JR what going on . i know your busy but can you shoot me an email. or call me .3156563843 or [email protected]. peace

  17. ok guys. Here are a couple pics of the mess. Just a couple that I dug up real quick like.

    close up shot

    And a couple of the new setup
    a351 svo block, built by ford(compelte shortblock). Edelbrock alum. heads, unsure of cam. going to try and make more power, for less money this time around. Buying stuff used is the way to go now.



    and the turbo. Yes, that is a 5" to 4" exhaust on there. Going to run straight 4" all the way back.
  18. Just wondering how much you would want for the blower, i have a vortech with an A trim needing to be rebuilt. Also what kind of trim did you have in it, i put a 3 inch pulley on mine and was having all sorts of problems with the A trim, and now even with the blower off the car runs like crap.
  19. dahm i guess you have been busy jr. looking good
  20. man, your shortblock just sorta decided to take a break :D j/k

    Does your new engine have hypereutectic pistons or forged? 'cause usually Ford stuff has hyper.s in them :flag: