Buying wheels for my car need help and opinions

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Killercanary, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. i feel the same, but ive never been fond of the bullit Rims on Sn95s
  2. Yes, I know that. My mom actually has a Bullitt, number 2998. I ran a 13.70 at 99.9mph on my nitto's BONE STOCK in it.

    I really like the 2 piece RK BBS wheel, and it seems as though they are pretty light too. I haven't seen the cragar SS wheels yet, I'll have to look into them.

    Here's another set I'm looking at now too. I have no idea on pricing for them, but if they are under $500/piece I will seriousloy concider them. Here's my delema, a lot of the wheels I'm finding I like are not avail in chrome/polished. But, most of the ones I find have the polished lip. Do you think they'd look OK on my car with all the other chrome stuff I have but with a wheel with a painted center and polished lip? Here's a pic of ones I really like.


  3. personally I dont like any of the ones you found. It would take so much away from your car. Try looking for the first ones you first posted those are sweet.
  4. The first ones I posted are Racing Hart wheels and they are over $700 a piece. I have a budget of around $2500 for wheels and tires. The next ones down are the Work Rezak II's and I think they are discontinued as they are no longer on the companies website and I have not found a single distributor for them.

    As for the polished Saleen style wheels, when I called all they knew is that they will have them in a month or so, but they don't know sizes, pricing, or anything. I may still go that route, but like I said I want something a little different with an expensive look, and so far that "look" means a wheel costing over $800 a piece which is crazy. I like the multi-piece design like in the Kinesis wheels above. I don't care for the very last pic in the above post, I think I copied the wrong address for the pic.
  5. KillerCanary, the middle wheel you have in the line of 3 pics is nice! They look good on mustangs. go to and click on Chris Cobra. That will give you an idea on how they look. I think they look very nice, along with a bunch of other ppl. BTW: If you have time click on Dan's Vert. It ran a 9.98 !!
  6. I agree with you about paying $800 a rim that outrageous. Its hard picking rims because there are so many choices, its crazy.
  7. I think that the Mach 1 rims would look nice. Or maybe some HRE's look at
  8. get 18" 03 cobras from afs! those would look sweet and you can get them in chrome also!
  9. How about a set of the FR500 wheels? They're growing on me ... I'm still a die hard 5-spoke fan, but I could be convinced. The only downside of the FR500's from my point of view is that they're 18's. That's what I've got, and I want to go back to 17's. But if you *want* 18's, perfect...


  10. killer, i'd hate to be the one to tell you, but those kenisis wheels are in the range as HRE. they are hella expensive. they are widely known for porsche using them on their track cars because they are so light. but they are definitely hardass looking. here's a website with pricing. daaaaaaaaaamn

    also, have you looked at the privat fahrens. i know they have a 3 piece look to them. i kinda like them, and they aren't expensive. heres a pic
  11. I don't see why there is a debate. 18in Polished Steeda Ultra-Lites. :D
  12. consider some SSr GT3's from the tirerack. :nice: If I can ever afford them they would be my ideal road race wheel. But there expensive too. If you strech your budget or get cheaper tires (not quality but cheaper brands like kumho, or toyo) you may be able to get them w/ tires for around the 2500 mark.
  13. hell yeah steeda ultra lite or even the ultra lite 2's now, oh and the second one in the set of three is killer!...killer... :lol:
  14. I found out yesterday about the prices on the Kinesis wheels, and for the heck of it I called about a set of HRE's again as they are by far my FAVORITE wheel styles. JFYI- the Kinesis started at around $790 for 17's and went up to the $900 for the 18's, the HRE's started in the $900's and went up into the $1100 PER WHEEL!!!

    I was going top get the 17X9 and 17X10.5 '03 cobra wheels, but I don't "love" them. I like them, but this next set of wheels are going to be on the cars for YEARS to come, so I only get one chance to get it right.

    Dave- like I said earlier, I've only seen those on one car and I didn't like them at all. Maybe if I see another car with them and like them it will change my mind.

    DARK-5.0- I'll have to check those out when I'm done with this post.

    FastmanGT and 89 blue lx - they are nice, but they are semi-common too. I actually had a chance to buy a set of steeda ultralite II's for $1500 BRAND NEW at the FFW in Ohio a few weeks back... but I didn't like them "enough."

    go-stang5.0- I always liked the SSR GT3 wheel too, but I saw them on a green '99-newer GT and didn't care for them as much as I did in their pic in the add. I plan on running "cheap" tires. I will probably run nitto drags out back and a NT-555 up front if the wheel sizes will allow.
  15. Cragar

    I really like the look of the cragar s/s, they give a real muscle car look and are basically a better looking bullet. they seem to be the same style but don't catch my eye. I agree with sauce I like the bbs rx, they give a more racecar look. If I were going ford I would go with the fr500. Not really a fan of the cobras.

  16. Killer..i dunno if you have heard of HOR wheels. But check out the R/t. They loook like bullits, cragars, but are different evenough to spice it up a bit. i like em.
  17. Killer..i dunno if you have heard of ROH wheels. But check out the R/t. They loook like bullits, cragars, but are different evenough to spice it up a bit. i like em.
  18. Thanks for the idea. I know of ROH wheels, the drift-r is one of my favorites. However, I already ordered my new wheels and they are bing made as we speak. I should have them when I get back from Vegas next week or the beginning of the week after. I ordered a set of Bogart RR10's in 17X9/17X10.5 and a set of one-off bogart D10 skinnies. These wheels are EXTREMELY light and no one has them. They are a multi-piece design too in case I ever do something stupid to them it can be repaired.
    Here's a link to bogart wheels...

    Here's a car with them...



    And here's my pitiful attempt at a photoshop with them on my car. Some people loved them, others did not. I bought them because I liked the way they looke, but along with that I liked the weight loss idea and the exlusivity they have.
  19. Here's a car with the low profile centercaps I will also have with these wheels. The camaro has the "standard" bogart center caps.

  20. Those are really sweet! i like that they are still 17 inch wheels. 15's are just to track only. I would feel funny driving around the street with them.