CAI i cant find any links that work to build one help me out please

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  1. hey guys as the titles says i cant find any links that work to build a cold air induction. oh yea and dont laugh at me cause i dont know if this would work or not im getting a turbo coupe motor with a turbo and i already have one can i twin turbo charge it or no :nice:

    thanks guys you've bin a big help
  2. well an 87 is a speed density car, you can use PVC or exaust pipe to build a cai. Just run it however you want to and stick a filter on the end Some people like to go inside the fender while others just put the filter where the airbox is now. Just replace all the old tubing with new bigger tubing and you are good to go. the NON mass air cars are easy.

  3. Well, he can't use jman's setup exactly as it's written because it's intended for mass air cars. I posted up the instructions on how to make mine in the tech articles thread, I know the link doesn't work anymore but I put the actual text in there somewhere. I'll go edit my original post so it links to that part of the tech articles thread.

    As for twin turboing, don't bother. Takes a ton of fab work and 2 cylinders isn't enough to spool up a turbo very effectively, and I really doubt you would see any gain over a single turbo.