Carlisle 2008 pictures

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  1. Yes. It is Mac performance. I got mine to fit perfect. but you will have to cut a bigger hole if you have 96-up latch like me. You will have hard time laying it down flat with those plastic clips. i went with the chrome and stainless steel nuts and bolts with mine to give it a better look. After looking you guys cars i wonder...are those your daily drivers or what? do you guys race at the local track? or do road course? anyways you guys car rocks! so clean and bling bling...All you guys have been in magazines also right?

    I attend car shows often. and by far you guys cars are cleanest 94-95 stangs. But here in california we have "Some" insane 94-95 rides as well...

    Wonder where you guys are located...
  2. Thanks man.

    all east coast. Me, Paul (killercanary), Troy (yeahloh95), and Dan(riosnake) are in Pennsylvania. Tom (69clark) is in New York. Rich (95opal) is from conneticut? then last but not least is Robyn (bosko5.0) is from Florida.

    as far as i know, Paul, Troy, and Tom are the only ones that have had full length articles. so far :D. Rich just had his in 5.0 readers rides last month i think.
  3. ROBIN :D myne is my DD :nice:
  4. sorry dude, i wasn't sure so i guessed :D