Cervini Eleanor

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  1. From Themustangsource.com and cervinis.com


    :drool: :drool:
  2. that is beautiful!!!
  3. Lets see if it looks that good when the kit becomes available.
  4. completely over the top and I WANT ONE.
  5. that looks awesome!
  6. That thing could have pink stripes and I'd still love it. :D
  7. Very Nice.
  8. best 05 eleanor ive seen
  9. I'll be the 1st to dissent and say, no thanks. Too too over the top to the point where I would feel like a gold-chain Corvette Summer goofball driving it down the road. All those scoops airdams and spoilers, the car must have the aerodynamic drag coefficient of a Winnebego.

    IMH(and probably unpopular)O
  10. looks pretty good. but i wanna see a finished product though! :)
  11. I just hope it doesn't say "Eleanor" on it.
  12. I concur.

    That'd be majorly ghey. :notnice:
  13. I'll take everything but the hood, and those scoops gimme a true dual ram air hood and I'll be happy

    Windveil blue with black striping and some nice rims would be :banana: :banana:
  14. mmmmmmmm :drool: :nice:

    [rant]Could it be rice because there are scoops doing nothing except making the car "look" faster? Who would dare call a true Shelby rice, even if in the later years the original ones had "show only scoops"? Don't ask where I'm going with this... I wish I knew lol.[/rant]
  15. Actually, the muscle car era of the 60's was INFESTED with non-functional scoops and crazy stripes. In the context of the era and the cars, I take all that stuff in stride. We had this discussion out fake vs. functional styling cues awhile back, so it doesn't need a re-hash. I just think this car is too flippin busy. A little restraint, and you'd get twice the "mean" effect, less frivolous looking image, and more class. If cars were humans, this thing would be Randy Savage of cars. I'd rather be a prize fighter, less fake, less show, less glitz, WAY more respect and awe.
  16. I hope SVT and Shelby look at it???

  17. I think RICKS hit it right on the head. It's nice to look at though, but still it's just a little to busy for me. I'm waiting around to see what the cobra looks like.
  18. :lol: :lol:
    I agree.. it's a tad too much... somewhere between the base GT and that rendering would suit my tastes, but, as I have said in the past, to each his own. It's your damn Mustang; do with it as you please.
  19. I've posted these chops that I did of the kit on themustangsource.com

    What do you guys think????

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