changing from LX to GT or Cobra wing ?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by citmov, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. I currently have a 93 LX....
    if i want to change to a GT or a Cobra wing will i need to drill new holes in my hatch? anyone know?

  2. Idk but if you do I'll take the lx. Thxgoodbye.

  3. You will need to fill the 11 current holes, repaint your hatch, and then drill new holes.

    Easier to buy an entire gt hatch and repaint and then put the wing on.
  4. Yes alot of work,but worth it..
  5. thanks for all the info guys! much appreciated!!!
  6. Oh man, I missed the hatch part. I want a lx spoiler for a notch. :(:(:(
  7. Blech. I have a GT hatch on my LX and it doesn't look right to me at all. Can't wait until I can get it swapped out.
  8. LarsD,
    would you possible be able to link a pic?
  9. LarsD your suppose to play cool an be like he citmov you wanna switch. Lol
  10. This is the only clear pic I have of it from the rear online right now. This was before the five lug obviously:


    If you were local I'd swap with you in a heartbeat. lol
  11. I'm going back the other way. Put a saleen wing on my I want a stock lx wing.

    These days, not really intomthe aftermarket wings or hoods. Stock is clean
  12. I love the '87-'93 GT wing on my '86 GT (which originally had an LX-style wing on it). I'm not necessarily against the LX wing's looks, but I HATED how they trap water and they are impossible to get completely dry after a car wash. Waxing the hatch area immediately after washing your car is completely futile with the LX wing, it's constantly dripping water and making it impossible to buff off the wax. Even if you don't wax, you always find water spots/streak marks the next morning from where water was making its way out from under the LX spoiler.
  13. That was a PITA. The Saleen wing is worse. If i parked it uphill, i would frequently come out in the AM to see small birds drinking from it.
  14. ^^^^ lol. I know exactly what you mean. Plus my saleen wing has a tiny crack on the lip part and water seeps in there. The fiberglass has been fixed twice and it still starts to split.
  15. I agree, almost looks like a car that doesn't know it's own identity a gt or an lx.
  16. LarsD: Thanks for the pic! Texas isn't that far from Chicago! haha.

    NikwoaC: For whatever reason it looks tight on your 86. Maybe it's the taillights haha!
  17. i went with the steeda wing because i didnt feel like welding the holes and repainting the hatch. it looks like the lx wing but it sticks out further. mounts in the stock holes too.
  18. Thanks man. I was just kind of experimenting, and I found that wing on craigslist for super cheap. I'm half tempted to run the car without any wing whatsoever, just because it would be unique. I've seen it only once or twice before, and it doesn't look as bad as you'd think.
  19. +1 or having to open the hatch after a rain would lead to a trunk shower.
  20. My car already had a GT spoiler when I bought it. I haven't been too crazy about it.