changing from LX to GT or Cobra wing ?

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  1. Anybody know if there are supposed to be plugs or something for the access holes to the wing studs? I think that is the source of my water leaks when it rains.
  2. Do you have any rubber washers in between the spoiler and the hatch? On my last GT I pulled off the spoiler to make sure there wasn't any rust building up around the hatch holes. When I put the spoiler back on I put in some rubber washers. Picked them up from Homedepot. Seemed to work well. I think this is what you're referring to.
  3. Cool, I'll check this out. Thanks. :nice:
  4. here's the washer i used. i think they are called flat rubber or neoprene washers.

  5. Butyl tape around the holes helps as well....same stuff as the taillights
  6. I think the GT spoiler looks better than stock lx, I was looking at putting a cobra spoiler on my car and didn't like the way it looks as much as the GT. That's how I found this thread, I was just looking for info on the swap and your car came up. Looks great to me bro. Just my opinion. P.S. I just realized this thread is from 2010 lol.
  7. I went from a Saleen table top kitchen dinet set to a Gt wing but it just didn't cut the mustard. Its currently getting paint with a whole new hatch. PO chopped the old hatch up too bad to live with.
  8. I like the GT wing on my GT. I prefer the GT wing to the Cobra wing in general. I don't think they look great on the LX, though. Maybe it is the lower profile of the LX bumper, it just doesn't flow as well to me.
  9. cobra wing = meh
  10. I know I only have a lowly vert LOL, but a low profile wing looks good. I picked up the sport wing from Americanmuscle for $59 for their Christmas sale....Sitting in the box... I'm wondering if a 69 / 70 Mach1 wing would look good on a Fox Vert... Guess I think a small wing is nice on most cars

    image.jpg From their site...
  11. There should be some type of body plug underneath for access to the nuts, especially where the weather strip is. But butyl, plumber's putty, or rubber washers are needed between the body and spoiler too to prevent the water problem. The bottom side plugs would just trap water in the hatch and cause rust if there were no top side seal.

    I like the LX with a GT spoiler look. I hope filling the holes in my hatch does not cost me an arm and leg since I have the spoiler now. I did this on my 79 that had no spoiler, and it felt more settled and stable on the highway. But even if it was my imagination, it still looked better than no spoiler at all!
  12. I say LX wing for LX, GT wing for GT, Cobra wing for Cobra and GT!
  13. I just spoke to a body man who is more up to date than I am. To avoid warping the hatch top when welding the old holes shut, he will use 3M body panel adhesive or epoxy. Scuff the underside of the hatch clean around the holes and glue patches underneath. Use enough to make sure the hole sealed to prevent rust. This way there are only small divots to fill.
    I remember reading GM had been using stuff like this to attach outer door panels on their trucks some time ago so it should hold up.
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