Clear Corners

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  1. They are made by APC... :puke: :rlaugh:


    Stear clear from APC. Their products are far from quality...

    They might have since managed to get their act together, but unless the reflector is amber you are gonna have problems with the DOT, and by DOT I mean the US Department of Transportation, (not the cheap molded letters that APC illegally molds in many of their lenses...)

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  2. Very nice. Did you get the whole kit and decide not to apply the headlight and foglight tint, or did you just buy the signal marker tint? Basically, I what I'm asking is if the fogs and headlight tints are of good quality.

    Final question: Is the signal tint over the stock signal markers?

    Here's the link for the whole kit:

  3. Lol, I saw a kid with that ugly APC body kit on his '05 Mustang. I wanted to shoot him for buying that crap, but he proceeded to embarass himself anyways by attempting to do burnouts and failing horribly.

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  4. APC = Always Producing Crap
  5. I'm getting rready to buy these. Before I make a mistake, is anyone for or against these, in terms of quality? Are they good products? Will my lighting be greatly affected?