Concept vs. Production photos

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  1. I posted these in another thread but these two photos give a pretty good comparison between the two cars. Just lower the production car, swap out the wheels and do something to the side rear windows and you basically have the concept. Perhaps the hood line is tad different. Obviously, the production car needed real world bumpers. Otherwise, am I missing an obvious/significant difference?


  2. Everybody who said the 05 doesn't look like the concept is dead wrong. 90% of the concept went into production. Every line is virtually identical.
  3. The rocker panels were more vertical on the concept, which could be fixed with bodykits, I think the front and rear bumpers, front especially, could have a bit more height, and extend lower a tad. The front has too thin a piece on the bottom of the bumper.

    The main things I notice with the side view is the door lines. Ewwwww. Straight lines would have been much nicer, and I don't see why they would have been any harder/more expensive to manufacture.
  4. It’s basically the same car but they took the sharpens of the concept.
    Probably that’s why I like the 99+ than the previous one; it was to round and had no edge to it (with the exception of the Saleen)
  5. I just don't think that the bottom picture looks like an American car much less a mustang, the concept at least had a few mustang qualities like the side scoops! And the mirrors on the bottom one look just like mine, they just look out of place on the new body style.
  6. I think they did a good job sticking to the concept....unlike GM with the GTO....the concept was AWESOME, the production was....meh. The only real difference I can tlel is the seats. The seem to be different in the prodiction version.
  8. Thanks Satellite.

  9. Call me crazy, but it looks far different in my eyes.

    - The door line is more sloped on the production.
    - The car is more round, this is apparent in the hood.
    - The front/back bumpers have a different shape.
    - The car is higher.
    - The scoops are missing.
    - The rear window doesn't have the "aggressiveness" of the concept.
    - The hood is linear in design.
    - The rims aren't as aggressive looking.
    - The fenders are different in shape, this is apparent on the bulge extruding from the wheel well. The concept has a thicker bulge.
    - The car appears to be "stretched"

    Other than that, I think the production car looks mighty fine. I just hope that there will be enough after-market parts to create one more like the concept.

    Don't know about you guys, but I absolutely can't wait for Roush & Saleen to get ahold of this and work their magic.
  10. I agree. The differences between the concept and the production version seem to be necessary for the "real world" type changes.
    1. The hood and front-end changes are possibly aerodynamic in nature or required to fit that hi-rise intake on the 3v.
    2. The rear window and quarter panel windows were changed to inprove visibility.
    3. The body was smoothed to improve the stamping process. Sharp edges tend to wear out quickly in sheet metal presses. Also, the previously mentioned aerodynamics may be at play. A clean car is also a quiet car.
    4. The car was raised to real world drive height.
    5. Show car rims are always "over the top".
  11. I started another thread a week ago saying how it would be a neat concept for a company to offer a "concept" version or aero kit of/for the production car. It seems like you guys have proven how easy it would be to get most of the concept cues on a production example. Nice work!
  12. I like the car. But I don't like it's what I'll call 'lack of known improvements worth buying over the current platform.' Like what are the rear-end gears anyway? Will the car take better to bolt-ons than mine does? & what will it cost?
  13. I am going to wait until Ford fixes all the screw ups FIRST then buy the car.

    I do like it, and I see a lot of potential in it.

    But I just dont TRUST Ford with an ALL NEW PLATFORM'D Mustang. I doubt it has gone thru extensive 100k real world testing.

    I dont want to go thru electrical problems, engine problems, modification problems, TRANSMISSION problems...etc.

    Some have already said the AUTO 5spd is JUNK!

    And If I DO buy the 05 based Mustang, it will definantly be a COBRA... NEVER a GT again for me.
  14. I like GTs but also agree I will wait until the 06 is released @ the earliest so Ford can work out kinks. Never a 1st year car for me, except my 99 V6. I waited until the 2nd year the my GT. & may wait until my 3rd for a Cobra. Maybe I'll cash some stocks and get a Cobra R when it's released.
  15. Well, geez, since when do concepts and production models match exactly, it's damn close, like was mentioned in an earlier reply, they do have to make it work in the "real world" the same thing happened with the '97 F-150 when it came out, had the same basic lines, but many things were different, I know, I bought one!! One thing I don't like on this pic is it has the same cheap black plastic mirrors as the current Stang, that was one thing I really disliked on my '00!
  16. me 2. those mirrors suck but it's gravy though. hopefully 1 of the special editions looks like the concept. Like maybe the R.
  17. You've got to give Ford a thumbs-up for staying so true to the concept. And c'mon, everybody (with a pulse and a brainwave) knew that the roofline on the concept would not have a snowball's chance of allowing for rear seating. I knew from the moment the concept was released that the production model would have a less radical roofline, but Ford still pulled it off without making the profile too "bulbous". Also, there's alot more rear overhang on the production car, which probably is to ensure that the trunk serves as more than a glorified duffle-bag. The rest of it is pretty true to the concept. I know that everybody is whining and moaning that the nose doesn't match the concept exactly, but what I heard from insiders is that the concept more accurately represents the upcoming Cobra or Shelby. So it's not as if Ford didn't follow through on that front end and hood style, you just have to wait for the premium models to debut. As for the "it doesn't look like an American car", I say :shrug: :bang: What, do the panels fit? are the lines clean, crisp and balanced? Does it look fresh and interesting? Well, then, I guess you're right, it DOESN'T look like the dung that U.S. automakers have been shoveling at us for the last 30 years!!!
    It's an ENTIRELY NEW PLATFORM. I am sure that the new car will drive WORLDS better than the flimsy-chassis, poor-steering, almost-30-year-old-Fox-derivetive current Mustang. And it's a no-brainer that gears and bolt-ons and everything we love about Mustanging will continue in the new car. Why do you think they left the live rear axle there for you? Drag racing. The new car is a quantum leap though, mechanically and structurally.
  18. it did stay dang true to the concept. but as a classic owner myself...i think they tried way too hard to make it look like something it could never be