Concept vs. Production photos

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  1. just did this up. shows a little better comparison, but doesn't help much due to the production photo #2 is in a black background and causes the front bumper, hood, and windshield to be slightly off from the first production photo.

  2. btw, anyone notice the difference in the gas cap cover size and the front blinker is shorter in the second production photo as well.
  3. Gas cap cover?
    Front blinker?

    Its an illusion, they are the same, they are both GT's, one is a better picture than the other.
  4. The only noticable and non illusional thing I can notice is the height difference.

    Production #2 is obviously dropped(photoshopped?)

    They appear to have the same rim/tire size.

    Also another thing I captured while looking closely, Production #2 has front and rear calipers. Production #1 has NONE(possibly another photoshop/rim transplant).

  5. over at the forums on they're saying the first production pics that came from are fakes.
  6. They may be fakes. But they got it pretty accurate.
  7. gears are 3.55's for the 5-spd, and the tranny is a I have no doubts it'll be good in that dept.

    as for the gas cap...I like mine on the pass side for some reason :)

    I think that with a little bit of body work from the aftermarket, this thing will be totally badassed. now to figure out a way to spend ~$27k on a car with a $24k income.. :shrug:
  8. Where did you find the info on the rear gear?
  9. There is no difference.

    The parking light on the red car is simply blending in with the red paint so it isn't as obvious.

    The gas filler door is the same, just the reflection in the paint is in a different position which may give the illusion that the filler door is a different size.
  10. I don't think they said it was going to be 3.55s, but more likely 3.27s.
  11. The more I look at the hollywood pic The more problems I see in it. Like if you look close the wipers look like they are in a different place. They don't stay close and level to the hood. The rotors/ calipers are off. And the spoiler is different.
  12. This car screams aftermarket! Let's face it,nobody keeps these cars stock.Even the guys crying about the concept would be yanking parts the day they got it home.There are some talented Guys in here that have Photoshoped this car already,with some pretty impressive results.Just wait till they can get the aftermarket stuff,then we'll see some Concepts.
  13. Read the press release, it says GT 5 speed MTX 3.55.

    Everything else 3.31

    The press releases are on Stangnet, go to the main page and follow the 2005 Mustang links.
  14. Awesome, thanks for correcting me, I hadn't seen that press release. *puts foot in mouth*
  15. Man, I hope you're joking. Let's see....key improvements.....

    -Entirely new chassis, much stiffer and with front wheels well forward for optimum engine placement
    -300 hp off the showroom floor
    -Multi-valve heads, variable cam timing, variable intake geometry, so those 300 horses are flexible
    -Giant brakes, just a hair smaller than 13" Cobra discs and similar calipers
    -Rear suspension which retains live axle to keep the faithful happy but also provides the Panhard bar which everyone says made the Fox chassis actually handle properly

    The point about not buying the first year of a new model is fair enough, but man that car looks pretty damn good to me.
  16. I understand everyone's jitters about first year production. But the reality is this car has been in the design stages since like 99. And has been delayed enough times. If they don't have the bugs worked out. They never will.
  17. I actually like the production version better. The headlights are surrounded in black. Which look better with many more colors. The concept has the silver which looks good on the silver car. But it doesn't look as good on the red convertible. Also the side of the car looks better to me on the production version because the lower body line is more pronounced. Where on the concept the body is more flat. I think detroit finally hit a home run. Its been a long time since they produced a must have.
  18. How long a list do you need. Be honest. I could write a book on all the known improvements over the current model. Maybe you should do more reading and less writing.
  19. Heris an overlay picture, seems they kept it pretty darn close to the concept to me.

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