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  1. Last winter I had my motor built with the intentions of either nitrous or super charge/turbo. After considering all the costs I think nitrous fits more in my budget than the latter. That said I just wanted to get the opinion of other set ups. The following is my build:
    358, AFR 205 heads with some port work, comp cams edelbrok intake, Holley dominator 900 cfm w/ aeromotive fuel pump and regulator. Quick over view.

    I'm curious to hear about how other people have run the system, meaning fuel and what type. My engine builder wants to put a seperate cell 5 gallon in the trunk second fuel pump with a nitrous express system.

    Let me know your opinions on set up and what works best from experience.
  2. I'd check out the new nitrous outlet stinger plate. It's an interesting design.
    Induction solutions is another good one to look into. If you really want to go that route I can give you some more advice
  3. And as far as a separate fuel system goes I think it's the best way(especially with a carb). I have a few friends that are doing it. Some are spraying 300hp jets making around 1000hp
  4. the separate fuel system would depend on if you plan to run on pump gas or race gas. the nitrous car has a bypass regulator that goes to a regulator for each kit. but its on race gas full time. if you wanted to run the motor on pump gas and run C16 or C23 on nitrous youd need a tank and pump regulator and flow tool to set the flowing pressure for the fuel side of the nitrous system
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  5. I'm definitely going this route, initially I had thoughts of a 200 or 250 shot. Common sense prevails, this is a really fun street car that may see 1 track day a year considering I live 4 hours from the nearest track. I think realistically I will stay around 100 to 125 shot and just have fun. Any advise would be appreciated.

    15+ years ago we put nitrous on a stock mustang and just beat it until the motor gave this time I'd like to do it properly.
  6. I would prefer to use 93 not race gas at all.
  7. you and everyone else. do yourself a favor, when you are going to run the gas (or if you are going to set a boosted combo on kill at the track) run at least a 50/50 mix of 93 and a decent race fuel like vp c12 or Sunoco 110. you can mix both those with pump gas and be fine. other stuff you need to check with the fuel manufacturers. race gas is cheaper than replacing burned up pistons.
  8. how high is the compression in the motor?
  9. As the others have stated there is no replacement for a properly setup system. If you need to get some pro help to get it right then don't be ashamed because to learn on a curve at a 250 hit can be expensive. I would like to see a separate pump and cell for just the nitrous fuel feed. It also needs to be flowed properly and you have to have a way to adjust timing whether that is manually at the dist or with the ignition box it has to be a consideration. Done correctly you will have no problems. Just remember you get what you pay for here, Induction Solutions (Steve Johnson) is among the best and will never let you down! Some of the other more generic kits may leave you guessing a little. Good solenoids are a must and a good plate goes a long way!
  10. For 1 track day a year, i think you are going to spend a whole lot of money setting up the nitrous and have very little fun.

    I used a 100 shot years ago, what a waste of money on a street car.
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  11. I
    I understand what you're saying. I've run nitrous on 2 cars and with a proper setup I still think it's the best bang for the buck. Refilling bottles does get old and adds up over time though. If you have a remote switch,bottle heater,etc you can still enjoy it on the street. Really how often do we "need" the extra power from a power producer anyway(track..yes-stoplight At the strip it's great and can easily knock off 1-2sec
  12. I kinda feel i need that extra power all the time, lol.

    The bottle heater, remote opener and purge add alot of money. Before you know it, you are in used S trim territory. I can only imagine what the optional tank he is considering costs.

    I just don't see the nitrous getting much use on the street in an adult driven car. A supercharger on the other hand can be enjoyed at will. But you aren't opening the bottle and tearing it just for kicks and giggles.

    I will agree for track use, it's a great bang for the buck.
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  13. the remote opener isnt needed at all... i have everyting you listed in my system and i have under 500 bucks total. its all about being smart knowing whats really needed and whats not.
    yellowbullet and racing junk are gret places to find deals. talk to some Ultrastreet guys about what they are running and what your thinking for your system and i bet you will find guys selling plate set ups cheap. get 3 solenoids from steve johnson and plumb it the way you want along with the purge plumbed and exiting the way you want. you can pick up a holly blue/black pump for about 50 bucks and the holly regulators are 35 bucks new. a stand alone 1 gallon cell i see all the time for sale around 30 bucks. getting things like that used is the way to go
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  14. I agree with 200xp8....nitrous works really great on game consoles or in the cinema classics...Fast & Furious 1,2,3,4, &5, but on the street I would have reservations. It's cheap enough when compared to the price of cams & install, or a blower....but there's the refill cost and finding a place that will do it. I'm just going to settle for a mid 12 sec naturally aspirated car and hope there aren't too many "4 door luxury sedans"on the street that will embarrass me. lol
  15. I agree with the setup. It's a good idea to have a second fuel source for anything over 150 shot. It's more affordable in the long run.

  16. if that motor is built correctly itll have enough balls to run high 10s. which in my experience, even with slicks on an unprepped surface will just blow the tires off. so my question is, how fast is this thing supposed to be on pump gas and a bottle? because a good stock displacement windsor on the gas with a decent set of heads will go 9s. i just dont race any poweradder car on pump gas due to its inconsistency.

    one thing i would like to mention, no matter how you set of the fuel system, have a pressure switch where the nitrous solenoid will cutoff if FP drops.
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  17. Well that's just it you can build a 10-14sec eng and then run a system for the track when you want to kick it up a little. Yeah a dedicated nitrous car gets expensive in the extras but a 100-150 kit is cheap. I've get under 800$ in my kit and can drop 1-1.5 sec off my times at the strip. My point earlier is how often are we letting our cars rip on the street anyway? Save those antics for the track.
  18. I run nitrous on my 300 srt8 no need for bottle heaters anymore and inconsistent times...step into the 20th century run a Nano kit...1000 psi every RUN every Time....I used to run bottle heaters they stink....never were the same pressures...i do agree tho superchargers and turbos are the way to go...For the Srt's way way to expensive for a blower or turbo set up hense why alot of guys run Nitrous...Anyways a safe tune and you will have lots of fun...
  19. My bottle heater works great. 950 psi all the time.

  20. this is going to sound strange but 950PSI isnt always the same amount of flow...

    depending on elevation 950PI could be high or low.

    we went off bottle temp for the most part since 90 degrees is 90 degrees where ever you are