considering sellling the 95 and getting a 99-04. help me justify

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  1. This thread is starting to get ridiculous. You clearly want a different car so get rid of yours and do it. Everyone who tries to convice you not to you just get mad at and defend your decision. It's obvious that you will be happier with a different car.

  2. i like the thread myself. im not getting mad, im just making argumentative points. isnt that alot of the point for a forum?
  3. for sure they are not fast stock......but i will bet my car stock would put down 180 to the wheels

  4. but the points you and hanky constantly argue are ones that everyone else knows. It's well established you own a mustang, to just own a mustang. If I wanted to go fast, i'd have bought a chevrolet a long time ago, but being that I don't want to have a mullet ride around in a piece of crap with alot of power, I stayed with the good ol solid small blocks. It seems as though you and hanky both had high expectations when buying a mustang, and they were far off. And I don't know how you only run a 14.9, there are TONS of 5.0s out here running 13's that have the 'driver mod' done to them.
  5. lol, hanky do you wanna take that one?
  6. i just feel like it's two mullet wannabe's running around with mustangs, trying to point out the flaws and bad parts, when we already f**king know, if you got into these cars not knowing, it just means your a dumbass and you need to sell it before you kill someone. The fact of the matter is, 95% of the mustang owners here run good times for the cars, but it seems as though yall two are the slow bastards who won't stop complaing, not in this thread, nor in another. So i suggest either realize your ignorance or move on. This ain't my first 5.0 is slow thread my friend
  7. "Mullet wannabe's" lol wow :lol: Someone should really get a moderator on this dude. This is an informational forum to discuss mustang related topics. If all your going to do is just blatantly attack other members then dude you seriously need to find another site. He started the thread for you to convince him which way to go keep the 95 or go 99up. Calling him a mullet rocking DA isn't going to do that. Take the :bs: somewhere else!
  8. If money is your issue your best bet is to either keep the 95 or get a 2v 4.6 because from my experiance anything 4v is freaking high.
  9. Alright everyone, this thread is getting a bit heated up - it's starting to sound like Hanky's thread in Talk that got locked. The difference here I see is that fiveoho is discussing rather than arguing. For me, the difference is in the tone in how fiveoho is talking/typing in - I see this as a discussion, not a mullet argument. :rolleyes:

    IMO, most of the Mustang owners fall into one major category - they really like the Ford Mustang. For some it's the tradition, for some it's just the look & feel of the car. For others, it's all the easy options for modding. For me, I love how the interior looks, the smooth curves of the exterior, all of it. So it's not too fast stock - I can change that.

    If someone just wants "fast" from the factory, or they want a car that corners smooth, then the Mustang is not for them. I see the Mustang much like the horse it was named for - rough, untamed, barely controllable. And something that has so many possibilities I can improve upon it and tune it to be the car *I* want. I admit, if I had to pay a mechanic to install all of my performance parts I probably wouldn't enjoy my Stangs as much. Getting my hands dirty, making the mods myself and knowing that *I* was the one to make it better, THAT is the best feeling ever. :nice:

    If owning and working on a Mustang wasn't fun, then I would dump the car and find a car I did enjoy driving and working on. We all have good and bad days/weeks/months with our cars. But in the end, it's worth it for me. If all I ever did here was gripe about my Stang (hint: Hanky), then I'd own the wrong car and should really move on.

    Point is, enjoy your Mustang. Love the good, accept the bad, or find another car (or hobby) where you can be happy. :flag:
  10. I'll agree with the above, in that my thread got a little out of line. I knew EXACTLY what I was getting into when I built the car from a power standpoint. I guess the two end results are a: I spent alot more than I thought (although I did alot more than most and not just under the hood), and b: I thought I would be satisfied with my goal, of having a completed car (all aspects) vs. a stock f-body or other that would cost as much an be stock. Well over those two years, I guess I changed my way of thinking.

    Allow me to state the mustang is a GREAT platform to build a car from, in that it is rather a blank canvas and easy to work on. Yes, they look very good. Tastes change, people change. I just happen to prefer looking at my other vehicle.

    Thirdly, you can driver mod my @$$ with a car that makes no power, and isn't very light. You'd have to be below sea level, going downhill to run a 13 without breaking 90mph. Traps tell the story behind the driver. An 89mph run usually doesn't get you below a 15.1 on a streetcar, on street tires. This ain't my first redeo, nor my first time with a 5.0.

    A fox I can see....but BARELY. Definately not stock, and not without a few tricks. I'm talking paper air filter, stock timing etc.

    You can classify me and fiveoho into whatever you want. He's looking into practical reasoning, that you WILL get into when you spend $$$ and you don't touch the parts for a long time. You question it's worth. I have ZERO brand loyalty to anything, so you can see why I get the way I do. I've had f-bodies, countless turbo cars, some AWD some not, built supra, few stangs etc, and some light corvette experience. FYI, if I replaced my mustang, its not going to be an f-body. I simply used it as an point of arguement, and it's the 'arch enemy' on a stang forum. I will be buying a C5 Z06, if I chose to sell the stang to do so.

    What will I most likely do? Buy the vortech I want, make a ton of power, and enjoy the car for all the work I've done and not worry about it. Get a better daily, something newer that I enjoy daily and rock whichever, whenever.

    Point in case: Quit getting all butthurt when someone thinks about straying. Try to at least add some thought and fact to your argument rather than namecalling and asking to simply close the thread. People can argue and be civil so long as retards don't come in with the name-calling.
  11. Hanky, my first experience with you in the 94-95 board is in the Talk thread. Your manner of typing and what you were saying seemed to be "the Mustang is crap, the f-body is better". It may not be what you meant to say, but that's how most people seemed to read it. After reading this last post, I think I understand you a bit better. It's tone is a bit different.

    Regarding your zero brand loyalty, fair enough. Your life, your right. I ask that you remember that most in this forum are very loyal to the Mustang brand, and tend to react badly to anyone who appears to slam the Mustang and promote another brand. You don't have to kiss @$$, just be aware.

    *thinks about it* A lot of what you were saying seemed to be "the Mustang is..." and "the Mustang can't do..." If you said "My Mustang is slow as balls", I doubt anyone would take offense. We've had plenty of threads like "My Mustang is a piece of $h!t", and also "My dream car is a BMW/Corvette/Z28/Whatever".

    Peanut butter...chocolate. Two great things that go great together.

    "The Mustang sucks" and "I love the XXX car better" on a Mustang forum....not so good. :D
  12. For an all around near stock daily driver.. I would buy the 99-04... It's newer, gets better fuel mileage on the highway, and is just plain more economical..

    I HAD a 2000 gt with lots of money in looks, but couldn't afford to make it go fast, but it was still quick, looked amazing, and sounded great..
    I sold it because I wanted a car that I could build the balls out of.. this is where the 464 ci turbod' dart comes in...
  13. Wow...:rlaugh: at some of the responses in this thread.

    I also like the arguments from the the guys with modded 5.0L's stating that the '99-up 4.6's are torqueless turds, yet...stock for stock, the '99-up car will wipe the floor with a '94-95....and by no small margin either!

    It shouldn't come down to power. Power can be made cheaply with either car now and real power is going to cost you big bucks no matter which one you drive! Bolt ons are about the same price between the two and at certain power levels and configurations, they both trade their victories.

    All BS aside, the main things you need to factor in when buying a new daily driver are cost, age, mileage, model preference and over all condition. Everything else is secondary.
  14. i thought about it and i almost decided to make a post and apologize for this thread getting somewhat outta hand. but then i changed my mind - im not responsible for the posts of others.

    i made this this thread to get comments, info and constructive criticism about my possible car swap. i've gotten that, which is what i wanted. plenty on here are defending why i should keep it. again, what i wanted. BUT its my call to see if the arguements posted are strong enough to convince me not to sell it. like i stated earlier, i do appreciate all the posts (some less than others :) ) and comments. there is nothing wrong with reasonable arguements on this, or any other subject. i think it makes for a interesting thread.

    just to be as clear as i can, here is what im looking for: something with lower miles that can be had for a reasonable cost. something that is very clean inside and out. something that is comfortable and reliable. something that with minimal mods is capable of mid - high 13's. i do not have to have or expect 300whp.

    fun, realiable, and purty.

  15. and with this post you have answered your own question...

  16. no, merely just a statement(s)
  17. What do YOU want to do?

    If you are tired of your "old" 94/95 and want something newer, then get a 99-04.

    If you still like your 94/95, and it fills your needs for a car, then keep it and spend the money you would spend on the 99-04 on the 94/95 or something else.
  18. I think you oughta get whatever will make you happy. I know when jeremy and i drove the 05 up car the other day we LOVED IT!!! It was literally the most comfy car I have ever been in. Yet it also had alot of power too. And i love my car but i'm along with jeremy because i have also always wanted an 03-04 Cobra but it will be a while because I know I can't afford it right now but jeremy REALLY thinks things through and gets advice from everyone but always does whatever he decides to do on his own. He just always wants to know the pros and cons which I can't blame. I was just shocked to see some of the threads that got so out of line starting with stop sign and the mullet man too especially. Like jeremy said he would be so happy with 400hp and stop sign said he would get bored real fast????:shrug: I have to agree with jeremy on that one. I love my car but i know it's not super fast by no means but i also love having a mustang instead of a chevy or something because when you pull up to a red light and take off there is absolutely NOTHING that sounds like a mustang. Main point is that everyone with a mustang already has something unique!!!!! They are great sounding and performance options definitely help. If ya can't afford it save up the money and do it a little along . Thats all it takes. :D
  19. Thanks for steppin in there nate:D
    I totally agree with you. We get jeremy's point

  20. i think what you are trying to say, by the mention of the 05, is that something a little newer / a little different could be what im wanting.
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