Cool video of fun day, and pics.

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  1. I am not bashing, not many cars these days have an actual frame where the body of thecar can be lifted off. Almost all newer cars(if not ALL) are unibodied in which he frame is integrated with the body.
  2. hahaha civics dont have frames. Basically all thats left with frames and bodies are trucks and vans

  3. yeah lol i read it wrong :bang:
  4. hey does anybody find this shady at all...i got this private message on orlando forums...


    I tuned the Civic that you bought, a while before the car went up for sale. I was not aware that the car was for sale and sold until my buddy that I work with mentioned it to me today. I just wanted to give you a heads up, and inform you about a couple of unfortunate events that this car has been through. I will not go into detail unless you did infact purchase the vehicle from Danny.

    Write back if you did purchase the vehicle.

    -Also I made a new "username" because I do not want to give away who I am, or any other personal information.

    now i've been talking to the guy who the previous owner and all of his friends have told me did the work...

    Herman, the guy i talk to now who is building the car, also has told me he's built the car to where it currently is now....i find this message very strange.
  5. did you buy the car from danny? I'd ask him just what it went through.
  6. yeah i bought it from Danny. im not too concerned about what it went through as Herman told me the motor has been rebuilt about 3k miles before i got the car and i am rebuilding it again....i just find it kind of shady.
  7. see what he has to say
  8. i responded, i'll let you know what he says
  9. i sent that PM to a mutual friend of Danny and Herman on SVTP and he told me that Danny and Herman are the only two who touched the car period. so i'm waiting to hear back from this guy.
  10. alright i got a response from the guy and this is what it says:

    Okay, Long story I'll try to make it as short as possible. I used to tune this car a while back.
    But then the owner got a different tuner, but I still spoke to him every now and then. Soon after that, the car was involved in an accident. The accident was NOT reported to the authorities, nor the insurance company. I am not sure exactly where or when, but I know for sure that it was indeed hit. The car recieved what I consider to be "major" damage. No, the car was not totalled, but to me it was pretty close to it. The car had recieved severe frame damage, along with severe body damage. The Body, and the Frame damage were repaired but I can guarantee you that it was not done the right way.

    Well, I just wanted to give you a heads up so you wont be suprised when you have problems with the car later on down the road. If you have any more questions feel free to ask. Also you are probably wondering why I would even bother telling you about this. Let's just say me and the previous owner aren't the best of friends as of now, and I feel like I just
    had to get this off of my chest.


    ive taken the car to a body shop to get an estimate for some surface rust and was informed that there was body work done...

    hmm i dunno
  11. maybe thats why it pulls to the right, time to sell it and get the cobra!
  12. the body work that was mentioned was on the left side :shrug:
  13. his left, your right.
  14. how much did you pay for that civic? and have you allready started to build an engine?
  15. Actally i was pretty sure our fox mustangs were unibodys too but i may be wrong.
  16. they are
  17. i think he was kidding...