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  1. Hood Corrosion

    My 2008 Mustang GT had hood corrosion last spring. It was out of warrenty but Ford ANd my dealership paid to have it painted.......8 mos later, I notice that it's corroding again under the hood by the lip!! I need a whole new hood AND it has to be re-painted. Ford refused to pay for any of it. I am going to contact them and possibly get my lawyer involved if necessary. Has anyone had any luck getting Ford to take care of their problem with this?
  2. Hi.....I had corrosion that creeped from the lip underneath up onto the front of my car. Last March Ford paid 1/2 and my dealer paid the other 1/2 of the paint job. I was surprised that they painted the SAME hood! I would have bought a new hood if I had the chance. Now, 10 months later, it is creeping up onto the front of my car again. I am going to Ford today to see if they will give me "cost" on new paint and a hood or I have to trade it in. It's very sad because I love my 2008 Mustang GT!!
  3. Paint perforations are covered for 5 years from your warranty start date on OASIS
  4. My 2008 that I bought from Ford is now bubbling in same spot as all of the alumnimum hoods above driver side headlight. Dealer knew exactly about this problem as they have seen this before. Extended warranty no good on this, Ford not going to cover. Quality is number 1 my a**. Got to talk to a Tommy, a superviser @ Ford Corporate Customer Sevice, great listener, but since it is not a saftey issue, no recalls, no warranty. Not his or Ford's problem. Big Ford fan, but now I cannot support a Company that does not care about loyalty or taking care of a known factory defect. People can only share about great products? Believe me, word of mouth goes faster now than ever. Thank you internet and this website, my only wish is that I would of read about this known factory defect sooner here rather than living it.
  5. Ford Mustang Rust-Prone Hood Investigation

    The firm is currently investigating claims arising from the formation of galvanized corrosion (a type of rust) on the hood panels of 2005-2013 Ford Mustangs. The corrosion, which appears as bubbled or blistering paint under the paint of the aluminum hood panel, is believed to be caused by iron contamination of the aluminum hood panel prior to it being painted. (TSB 06-25-15.) Because this type of corrosion will not perforate the hood panel, it is not covered by Ford’s 5 year corrosion warranty and is instead covered by the shorter 3-year bumper to bumper warranty. However, no known repair can fully resolve the issue short of replacement. Should the corrosion occur outside of 3 years or 36,000 miles, the owner would be responsible for replacing the hood which can cost $2,000 or more depending on the model. It is alleged that Ford knew of this costly defect for years, but failed to warn consumers of it.

    If Ford knew of manufacturing issues that caused this widespread aluminum corrosion and failed to inform customers before they purchased their vehicles, it may be liable to consumers under California law for restitution, hood replacement, and other damages.

    If you purchased a 2005-2013 Ford Mustang in the State of California, and would like more information, or would just like to talk with a lawyer experienced in this type litigation, please contact attorney Caleb Marker at 562-216-7387 or

    Attorney Contact
    Name: Caleb Marker
    Phone: (562) 216-7387
  6. My 06 has this issue... and it crawled up the front... I now have a 2" wide bubble pattern on the fornt
  7. My 2008 Vapor Silver paint is bubbling/separating on the front lip of the hood. At first I thought it was just one spot but now upon closer inspection I see other spots
  8. I am assuming you guys have know that a Federal Judge has already thrown out a lawsuit against Ford regarding this issue.
    I'm not an attorney but my It's my understanding that past court decisions weight heavily in such cases However reading the above link it seems to me that they went about it the wrong way. One guy had the hood fixed under warranty a few times and then claimed the trade in value of the car was reduced because of the issue even though it was repaired when he traded it.. The 2nd guy refused the free warranty repair, because he felt it would fix the problem,bought a carbon fiber hood , and wants Ford to pay for it. Hopefully Mr Marker is a better attorney, or has a better plan of attack.
    I don't understand why Ford just doesn't do a one time goodwill repair or some type of credit. say $500.00s per car good toward a new Ford or Lincoln car, parts or service, along the lines of what they did with the 3.8L V6 head-gasket debacle Good luck.!
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