Coyote Swap


New Member
Aug 9, 2020
I own a 2004 V6 mustang and am looking to do a coyote swap. I’m a student but working and willing to pay for the parts and labor. My plan is to buy a salvaged/wrecked 2011 gt, swap as much as i can from there and buy whatever else I need. I’ve priced everything out around 13k as i’ve already spoken with somebody who will do the swap and assuming that the extra parts will be around 3k. I have also looked into stroker kits and FI but it comes out to the same price. If i’m going to spend the money, i’m going big.
For anybody who has already completed this swap or is in the process, what else would I need, additionally, that I can’t use from the 2011 gt? I know it’s asking a lot but my knowledge is limited and I appreciate any help/advice.

(yes, before I hear the “just save for a V8”.. I know this is expensive for someone with limited funds but i’m 20 and love my car so i’m doing it.)
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